UFOs "dont exist"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, May 8, 2006.

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  1. Plasma, huh? That's almost as good as the US Air Forces' "Swamp Gas" theory back in 1969(?)

    (dons tinfoil hat):
    UFOs ARE real. My snakes told me so!! 8O 8O
  2. There are tens of thousands of solar systems out there (anybody have an idea how many really?)
    each woth lots of planets wandering around them
    Is it really so difficult to believe that one or more of these planets supports a species technologically far superior to us, capable of wandering the universe doing the tourist bit?
    Logic and probability would suggest that it's quite likely somebody out there is travelling through space in a way we can only imagine :lol:
    Quite likely I'd think
  3. if you were a technological advanced race and travelled to earth why abduct some in bred retard ?
  4. ...for fun? To wind up the general population?
  5. They’re more receptive to **** probing?
  6. Lots of people have stupid puppies and kittens and find their behavior endearing :lol: Besides, if you can, why not :twisted:
  7. Actualy, "tens of thousands" is probably a bit low! There are at least 100 billion stars in our galaxy that we know of, most of which are Main-Sequence stars like our sun. Any one could have a system of planets.
    Carl Sagan once proposed that intelligent life not only exists in our galaxy, but is probably common.
    The question is whether or not they're coming here or not.
  8. Not in HMG it doesn't

    Though you can't get much more common than Two Shags Prescott.
  9. to conduct animal testing. We use dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys..etc

    ps. why is it monkeys and not monkies??
  10. Maybe someone should ask for Fighter Intercept records from the RAF under the FOIA?
  11. I once saw something that I thought that could be a UFO. It was long and silver and seemed to be weighted down on one side. It flashed past me at a huge rate of knots and disappeared as if by magic. I thought a trick of the light, extraordinary weather conditions or was this the holy grail of all Star Trek fans, a real UFO?

    None of those. It was Prescott driving his Jag on the motorway.
  12. in a hurry for a shag?? :lol:
  13. Well we know it's not long and probably not silver so I wonder why the rush.
  14. I onced witnessed a 'UFO' was with 2 other mates one of whom was a Police Officer, we were all stone cold sober and tried to think og logical explinations, we came up with none. Talking to a friend a few days later who waited on in a local pub, we found out that quite a few of the regulars came in talking about seeing strange lights in the sky too. (Being on the way to the pub they were also sober).