UFO flap last weekend

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Speedy, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. I have it on good authority that it was Jade Goody's builder's butt seen atop an Argos adult size Spacehopper.

    She was looking for East Anglia apparently - that bein abroad innit?
  2. seriously would Aliens park up in scally land ..... how long before they have their ships up on bricks and missing the in ship stereo...
  3. Could be worse; imagine if they landed in Glasgow... 8O

    "Ho, ya Taig/Hun/Delte As Appropriate cnut! Yer gettin' chibbed ya bam!" :twisted:
  4. Funnily enough.....

    Bonnybridge some miles eastwards of Glasgow is the UFO captal of Scotland.

    Having trawled the bars and pubs f the area in my yoof I can tetify to the fact there are some munters ye widny find in the Canteen scene in Star Wars :D
  5. East ANGULAR shurely....?

    Still, she's a millionaire, I'm not. :(
  6. Ha Ha Ha , this did make me chuckle, as I said in my blog a while back relating to what we were doing out there "The Abbos just look with a vacant stare, I asked if there were any security concerns with them and was told that they were either too pi$$ed or attributed the sights and sounds to the gods WTF ! " not like the locals here then.

    But I am not putting my hands up (Figuratively speaking ) to these ones...........

    I was in bed , I have an alibi
  7. Fcuk me working out that part of the world at the moment and you arent half right ....proper league of gentlemen country
  8. ha ha has to be seen to be beleived eh Brettarider :D

    Forgive the mong spelling on my last post :(
  9. This a local pub for local people! There's nothing for you here! :twisted:
  10. Flashback!!!

    Is that a line from American WW in London (Glover the actor)?

    I've heard it in Denny as well mind you :D
  11. Just seen about the Ternhill one on Midlands today. Apparently, and i quote (from memory) " The lights prompted the Army into a UFO investigation after lights were reported to senior officers. Fortunately the BBC managed to quickly get to the bottom of the puzzle with its own, small investigation..." (i re-iterate, thats from memory)

    Well thank Christ for the BBC, how WOULD the Army have managed without you...?

    It's trivial i know but the tone of the reporting seemed to be very condescending...

    Turns out they were Japanese floating candle thingies.

    edited because i forgot wot i got teached at skewl
  12. No mate, it's from LOG; it's what the store owner says to customers/victims. :lol:
  13. That got me thinking and I had to take a look.
    Brian Glover does say "There's nothing for you here".


    His line is at 3.02 minutes.

    The LOG classic is here:


    Tubbs says it at 1.23 minutes and Edward says it at 2.55 minutes.

    I think the LOG based a lot of their stuff on tributes to classic cinema and TV.

    I'm not sure where Aqua Vitae originates from though. P1ssed myself laughing at this - again. Val gets the funniest line "Or would you prefer tea?":


    Memories of times long ago in the NAAFI pigs bar... :lol:
  14. They are claiming that they were Chinese Lanterns released at a wedding:


    Don't believe it for a minute! I'm off to my compound in the hebredies with tinned supplies and a tinfoil hat...