UFO crash in Iran.....

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by cometcatcher, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. These ones do!

  2. Probably a US UAV.
  3. Probably? It sure as hell wasn't a meteor (big spacey lump of iron falling at 20 km/s - not the Gloster :wink: ). Another part of the 'Surge' in the region?
  4. Or is it:

    Iran Officially - "a ufo has crashed"

    Iran Unoficially - "We have shot down one of your planes Mr USA, but are saying its a UFO, what you going to do about it, admit your trying to invade, or accept the presence of alien life?"
  5. Well, either it's lots of covert US jobbies getting knocked from the sky, or (more likely) perhaps the septics are knocking down loads of covert Iranian flights out of the sky . . . covertly!

    If I was an Ayatoraghead boss, I would need to explain to my fellow ragheadians why lots of things were falling out of the sky, but I couldn't exactly tell them that it was the 'flights of allahs heroes' getting their arrses kcked out of the sky by the infidel whilst on a dubious mission to cause grief in Iraq, which might also result in my Raghead country being invaded also.

    Perhaps when the day comes that the US (hopefully not the UK) forces come tubling over the Iranian border, the Ragheadian boss will tell his people that 'no, dem iz not wot you fink, I no dem look like dem is amerkins, but dem is actually alians come to visi' us from dat outa space!!' or something.
  6. Probably Yanks or maybe, just maybe it was an Israeli UAV. Fail to see why the little green men from the planet bogey would be interested in the Iranian desert.
  7. either way the conspiracy theorists have proof of something they are claiming
  8. Could be something to do with this

  9. Tin foil hats drill ....

    It's all really, really true ....


    [MUFON]George Filer

    MAJACHKALÁ -- Last week we reported on a UFO over Russian troops near Daguestan, a Republic bordering Chechnya on November 14, 2000.

    The Muslim rebels hailed the UFO phenomenon as a sign from Allah. Muslim leaders in Dagestan claimed "the strange phenomenon was a portent which bore a message from Allah himself. An Islamic spiritual leader stated that, "Without any doubt it was 'a JINN, an angel or another heavenly being, since Allah's Garden of Bliss is filled with these.'"

    Editors Note: Powerful Islamic forces are rising in the Middle East using UFOs as an influential motivating factors. Islamic forces are fighting in Israel, Iraq, and Russia. To help you understand the significance of these sightings, I have included the following data about JINN'S (popular genie) and UFOs. "

    Alert Frenchmong and SLR boy ASAP :cyclopsani: :bom:

    Edited because I am a cretin
  10. Are you Jade Goody?
  11. I wonder if this was part of the debris from the Chinese inspired destruction of one weather satellite which wasn't reported until much later. My son told me that he had seen a very bright shooting star that evening!

    I wasn't aware that meteors didn't smoke. It depends on their content, I suppose, but I would not expect something that hot to pass through the atmosphere without leaving any trace!

  12. Stand by for an invasion of Iran...
  13. free recognition lesson for the Iranian Air Force :

    :ufo: - this is a UFO

    [​IMG] - This is a USAF Darkstar UAV

    :bigsmurf: - this is a Smurf
  14. Ahhh yes, well, the Chinese ASAT test, the main bulk of the 'victim' (Fengyun 1-C) is still in orbit, as are the various bits of debris (40,000 apparently)!

    The bright meteor was most likely just that, a pebble-sized lump of former asteroid :thumright:

    Lastly - Meteors do smoke, but only very high up in the atmosphere - meteorites which make it to the surface are, unless they are rather large, falling at terminal velocity (few hundred mph) when they reach the ground. Only the very outer layer of the meteorite (the fusion crust) is actually heated during the entry, the interior of the meteorite is usually still below freezing. This means, when meteorites hit the ground, they are usually cold to the touch. Similar principle to returning space capsules, the interior stays cold and doesn't charbroil the cargo.

    Piccy of meteorite vs. car:

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