UFC Silva vs Bonnar


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Anyone catch it last night/this morning?

Strong PPV imo, good to see a lot of BJJ and submissions, but then again it was in Brazil. Thought that guy Maldonado showed real heart to keep going until the doctor stoppage, but I don't think he knew where he was at the end.

And as for Anderson Silva, I hate his arrogance but clearly he is a legend. What price Jones vs Silva now? They say they don't want to fight, but it would be an epic. Better than BJ vs GSP imo. I think Silva would edge it though, he is just getting better with age.
Not watched it yet but hear it was a good event despite the rescheduling due to injuries.

Id rather not see silva fight Jones at light heavy, think Jones's reach and weight advantage would be too much, would just add to his ego. Perhaps if they could do it at catchweight?

Rather see Jones step up to heavyweight to see how good he really is. I'd fancy the likes of dos santos and even struve, to give him problems
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