UFC on saturday

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by ilovegrapes, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. anyone watch it?

    swick got toyed with, Paulo Thiago is a bad man.
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Randy was all over Coleman, who looked stiff, slow and old.
  3. no surprise there then. Although i must admit i did expect a decision victory from randy.

    dissapointed in marquadts performance but chainmail sonnet or whatever he is called did a good job in gaining the victory and boring me. its a win-lose situation for sonnen though as he now has to be absolutely destroyed by either anderson silva or Vitor Belfort.
  4. Anderson Silva will destroy Vitor as well

    And the same old same old from Tito Ortiz gobbing off at some he percieves as a weaker fighter. I want Coleman to batter him after Chuck Liddell KO's him again

  5. I'm fully aware that silva is a god among men and that chances are he'll beat Vitor, but Vitor has the ability to make one shot change the course of a fight. whether he can hit anderson remains to be seen. I really like them both but want to see vitor reclaim a UFC title.

    plus jesus is on vitor's side.

    either way Sonnen is going to get destroyed.

    anyone else think that Thiago was robbed of submission of the night? Sweet D'arce's that put people to sleep in 3 seconds don't come around that often.
  6. I would give Sonnen a shot against Belfort i think it would a pretty even fight.
  7. you serious? Belfort takes that all day long.

    standing - Vitor KTFO
    Wrestling - sonnen takes vitor down
    Ground - one of the best pupils carlson gracie snr ever had works his magic and shows why he got his black belt a year after his blue belt.
  8. Of course i am serious if you want too see want happens when Vitor fights a wrestler go watch his fights with Randy Couture
  9. that was a very different vitor. I know somone who knew him then and who was called in to be his training pertner ahead of that fight. He was young, Arrogant and did not train properly.

    a much more recent example of vitor Vs wrestler is Vitor belfort putting matt lindland in a coma.
  10. The thing is this fight wont happen for a while because Anderson will put Vitor to sleep :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  11. lol I think we are missing the main issue....

    Big Nog destroying Lesnar
  12. I want too see Carwin destroy Lesnar it will be more brutal
  13. Lesnar will be out for a while yet due to illness. IIRC, Carwin is to fight Mir for an Interim Heavyweight Title?
  14. another interim title??

    I heard he was back training. Personally I want to see him fight ASAP and lose. I really hate the fact he got a title shot after about 3 fights.
  15. That young Gracie was a disgrace to the name.