Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by mountain_legend, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. I know that the army has martial arts as a category registered with the army sports board, and you can compete in jujitsu and boxing.

    is there any way to go about getting MMA recognised in its own right? im sure the snowboarders must have had this problem a few years back.

    are there many people out there interested in competing in MMA?
  2. Boxing is no problem at all. I'm not sure if there is a recognised Army MMA association though?
  3. unfortunatly no their isnt mate :( closest thing is the Judo and Kickboxing clubs,kickboxings is still a woofta sport though :D
  4. There isnt an MMA association and probarly never will be

    Kickboxing is not an army sport either, and i doubt you would say kickboxing is a woofta sport too say somone like Jerome LeBanner :wink:
  5. Corrected: So it isnt :oops:
    I WOULD HAVE IM taugh him everything he knows ;)

  6. there is talk of MMA gaining olympic recognition this year in time for 2012, without an official governing body i dont see how. however.....support is growing everywere for the sport im sure it will gain a full governing body etc soon.

    maybe it would just be best to train boxing through the army and go outside for MMA? if we drum up enough people training MMA on civvi street when the time comes we ay have some fighters?
  7. You are way behind , loads of blokes already do this.
  8. so is there a forum or mailing list to get them all together etc? maybe arrange a private comp?
  9. So where would you get all the purse money from ??
  10. purse money?

    you mean to set it up with?

    entry fees, other MMA clubs...i dont know, but a group of all the fighters would be a good start....we dont exactly need a octagon, it could be in a ring etc...
  11. No way can MMA be an olympic sport - how many fighters can fight every 2 or 3 days??? Submission wrestling is a possible (but still unlikely) idea.
  12. I have no idea but I do know that all you tattooed macho types used to fail commando training: Supposedly hard as nails but used to crack like feck on a yomp. You can't go far wrong with good old fashioned boxing.:)
  13. Yot dont really have much of a clue about this do you, purse money is what the fighter gets paid. I for one would only fight full professional rules so that means getting paid.
  14. Is'nt the GSP vs BJ Penn fight this Sunday?
  15. Was on setanta live this morning