UFC Las Vegas

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Stephanie, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone ever been out to Las vegas to watch UFC?

    What type of expense am I looking at?
  2. Unlubricated fisting club?
  3. Not talking about that Club sorry, might be better off starting your own thread there steve.

    Ultimate Fighting Championships.
  4. Expenses will be return flight, hotel and tickets for the UFC. PLus any food/drink.

  5. Why start a thread, when i've got the UK's Unlubricated Fisting Club champion where with me now?

    How are ya, Righty?

  6. Any ideas how much tickets are usually (i knows it probably dependant on whos fighting)
  7. google it
  8. Went to watch Big Frank get battered off Mike Tyson in 1996.

    Got in at the weigh in and it was full of cockneys, anyway we all sang to Tyson
    "You're going down with Bolton" in Refernence to Bolton Wanderers
    dismal first season in the premiership and started singing "Tyson is
    a rapist - hang him" while giving him the w*nker sign within the relative safety of a few meters and barriers seperating.

    Then Bruno got on the scales and everyone went ballistic whilst giving that crocodile twat shit "you fat bastard" was a favourite.

    The fight aptmosphere was electric also. bad result for us all but the MGM was packed full of Brits!
  9. Instead of going to Vegas why not have a trip to Manchester on 21st April. Tickets are between £25-£250.

    Great line up they got coming over:

    Tito Ortiz
    Forrest Griffin
    Andre Arlovki
    Michael Bisping to name but a few.

    Save the cost of a flight for a night of violence and beer here in Manc.

    Get in there quick though, the tickets are selling fast.
  10. You are a TW@!
  11. You are not far wrong. I was miles away from the action, I would have been better staying at home and watching it on the telly, still the atmosphere made up for it!

    Hey, thanks for contributing with your informative and well thought out post. :thumright:

    You are just pissed off because your world travel has been restricted to Fallingbostel!