UFC 101 8th August!!!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by im_plan_b, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. whos looking forward to it?
    whos your money on winning?

    B.J Pen vs Kenny Florian?

    Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin?

    Kendall Grove vs Ricardo Almeida?
  2. Ken Flo and silva to win.

    Deigo sanchez to beat ken flo and take LW title.
  3. o0o some thought given there i can see my pal!
    i think silva will win, as long as he keeps from gettin hit much, hes quite a difficult fighter to connect with but when you do he gets shaken, hes good on top on floor but i think he dont want a boxing match or even a submission fight with forrest.. he needs to rely on his muay thai knees and kicks!

    kenny flo and bjp is hard one for me, flo is abit of a monkey on the a floor a wiked bjj fighter but then again so is penn and hes got some awesome punches... we shall see! :p whatever happens i think its guna go out with a bang! haha

  4. Why wouldnt Anderson want a submission fight with forrest he is a BJJ black belt and he is a way better boxer than forrest as well.

    I will go for Silva and Penn and have no real interest in the others.
  5. ohh and wanderlei silva to beat bisping.

    Vitor belfort to beat fedor
  6. time shall see, i think the silva and griffin fight silva will win but i think he'l get rocked, dont get me wrong silva will dominate he always does, but i think hes guna get caught by a big punch from griffin!

    and yeah i hope penn does win, he trains alot and is a brilliant fighter, but obviously cant under estimate kenny flo, hes obviously up for the fight as hes confident to win, no ufc fighter goes in hoping to lose haha
  7. :)

    (see his other threads for details)
  8. Hate too say i told you so but........................... :wink:
  9. Good call, Sandy. Again. :D