UFAS description?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ben1985, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    I've been in touch with my friend who's training at ATR Pirbright, and he has been since July 2007!, he has got backsquadded 3 weeks but seemingly cannot pick anything up or do anything right.

    I spoke to him briefly the other day and he told me he was getting UFAS and apprently has been told this will prevent him ever getting in the forces again!

    He is worried doubly aswell because he has been told he won't be able to get many jobs at all since this UFAS is very bad?

    I've tried to look up information but cannot find it anywhere.

    When he entered he was very boderline with his debts and is not panacking like mad about not being able to get a job to ever repay them?

    So then people give me a full description of this UFAS? and it's effect on getting another job, whatever job it may be

    PS. I am doing ok at Lichfield, nearly in 3rd week, very tired, but worth it, and passed the military swimmin test earlier in the week, so wayyyy! :D
  2. what's UFAS?
  3. that was the purpose of my question fella 8O :D
  4. I'm guessing unfit for military service
  5. Yeah, I guessed something along the lines of them words.

    What I'm wondering though is the implications for getting another job either in forces or civilian because he seems to be really concerned that is it very very bad!
  6. If you are unfit for mil service at basic there is no way another arm or service will touch him. As for civvy street it shouldn't matter a toss. not as though he is getting a dishonourable discharge or admin discharge
  7. When your discharged under Service No Longer Required/Unfit for Military Service then you normally wont be allowed to rejoin tri-service, but I think its dependant on what your kicked out for...
  8. so he can(rough guess) not apply for either of the forces again but it won't affect his civilian employment?

    I just want to try and reassure him thats all people
  9. Well, not normally no, not sure about civilian employment - from what I've heard it's pretty hard to get a job in the public sector, working in a government dept etc... not too sure about private sector work though...
  10. I'd suggest whoever told him that means that if the Army cant do anything with him then neither will may civi employers ie he's one of natures floor sweepers. Is he bright enough? Does he REALLY want to be in the army or is he monging to get out of his commitment?
  11. I thought it meant ''Ura Fu*king Anus Spanker'' ;)
  12. Yes UFAS means Unfit For Army Service

    Yes it will stop him joining up again later, UFAS is not a deferment till he grows up or grows a brain, it mean he fundamentally doesn't have it in him to be a soldier

    No it won't effect getting another job, unless he's silly enough to put it in his CV, most civvies won't know what it means anyway
  13. You could put in your CV you were UFAS'd out of the Army, when then ask what that means tell them it means ''Ura F*cking Amazing Soldier''
  14. UFAS stands for Unsuitable for Further Army Service: "unsuitable recruit, i.e. a soldier who during his first 9 months of service and while still undergoing Phase 1 and Phase 2 recruit training in a training unit, is considered to be:

    (1) Unlikely to become an efficient soldier, e.g. unable to complete training to an acceptable standard.

    (2) A misfit, e.g. cannot adapt to aspects of military life such as communal living.

    (3) An undesirable influence.

    (4) Likely to bring discredit on the Service.

    (5) Unsatisfactory due to his conduct.