UF returns

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wHoSaIdThAt?, Jun 6, 2003.

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  1. All arrse'ers

    be aware that at least one boring night of the week is about to be ruined by the return of the thrills and spills life in the special forces!

    that's right ULTIMATE FARCE is back!

    coming to a tv without a remote near you SOON!

  2. zx6

    zx6 Swinger

    Yeah, well, when I was wiv the Regiment.....yawn
  3. It's television boys and girls, you know a means of entertainment ;D  I'm sure it will not affect to many lifes..
  4. Good story last night.  Only the very woodern acting of Mr Kemp ruined it.  Because of the story line, I'm tempted to watch it again next week.
  5. Mr Kemp is developing his role within the constraints of the script...he actually had few lines in the episode last night.

    He was more controlled and brooding last night than in the previous series...but the controlled and focussed stillness contrasted well with his manner in the domestic setting...and may provide more contrasts with his character in future episodes.

    In that subplot we are led to suppose that his woman has left him. I suspect that we are about to observe the deterioration of that macho front and begin to see a few of his own personal flaws.
    Last nights episode was great fun.
  6. Only caught the end, was watching ER (well, was watching out for Dr Luka, actually..........) but it looked great.

    I still think the CO is wonderfully craggy.......... 8)
  7. So what do you think, new character driven sub-plots...

    Cocky new you team member. (gay before bed)

    The search for a new bit of totty.

    ongoing terror dreams of the previously wounded gwar.

    Desperate soul searching for the lost love of KEMP's series.

    Personal stories and gory slaughter!

    Good start ;D
  8. Missed it last night, too busy flicking my snot at the local tramps. Far more excitement and realism than a single episode of that arrse.
  9. I missed 15 minutes last night while I was in the studio sorting out the Missus's recordings. When I left it, Gwant and the other one had just knifed some useful Frog , came back to it, and half the characters were dead! Blimey thought I.

    Oh, and did that Bird really say "repeat" on the Comms?
  10. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The best part of the programme was so many Frenchmen getting it - special forces, my arrse, special needs more like.

  11. Wonderful photo in the Mirror Mag on saturday (I fink....)

    Kemp getting his warpaint put on.........

    get this........

    ;D ;D ;D ;D
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  12. Just caught tonights episode. Am I led to believe the bullet our Ross fired put the lady in question in the hospital bed? just guessing, I missed last week's episode and it was all a bit too much to take in tonight. The court room thing was enough to make me yawn.......  8)
  13. i like ''Plan A blame the french its always worked in the past''
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  14. Only caught the first few minutes tonight, and missed last night, and thought it was shyte.

    Arrogant officers demanding a sergeant should salute..and wait for it...him saluting without a beret on? Then the rest in civvies salute him? Then the story was pretty shyte too and very political..blame the French (aint we British terrible) I shot the girl (aint we sensitive) etc. etc. I fell asleep shortly after that.

    Continuity editors should get fcukin shot...little things make or break this kind of programme..this is broke.
  15. Have to agree, after a promising start last week, it's gone titty-boo up!  And the actor playing Henno is VERY woodern.  Every word out of his gob is like a statement.  Lighten up man.........