UEFA to clamp down on Chelskis Billions

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Ventress, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The Mail on Sunday, reported the UEFA Powers that be are investigating how to curb Chelskis spending every transfer window, even when they can buy player surplus to requirements such as SWP. (Their words, not mine)

    It seems the option is to wage cap clubs, which would then curb Chelskis shopping frenzy.

    It says it would stop the Premiership becoming a two horse race like the Jock league.
  2. We should go back to a system where the teams have to have a certain percentage of home grown talent. Mandatory investment in youth academies would be a bonus too.

    It's sad to see the prostitution of our national game isn't it.
  3. Isn't the Jock league a one horse race?? :p
  4. One of the options touted around by UEFA is that a team has to be financially viable to enable transfers and the reason Italy’s top clubs went corrupt was due to their excessive monopoly on their game (nothing to do with Italians just being corrupt f*ckers then).

    Something about Chelsea having a £140 million loss last year and clubs cannot compete with this.

    As good an idea as this sounds (and inter club joking aside), I personally have some issues with this:

    UEFA have historically turned a blind eye to “sugar daddies” as long as they were involved with the historically powerful European clubs. I may be wrong but as far as I am aware, most of the top clubs in Europe are and have always been backed by individual investors or corporations who have run at a loss.

    Now that the big money is turning in the direction of the UK, Mr Johansson is in fear of loosing his grip (along with Platini who is already trying to flex his muscles).

    More sinister, is the fact that if EUFA get their way, oh yes, the traditional big clubs, with the big stadiums, huge fan bases and largest corporate empires will once again take precedence (not bad for Manure, Liverpool and others, but how about Chelsea, not having a go bay the way).

    The game is now a worldwide business, if there is a perceived market for the businessman, or if a playboy wants his toy, it will happen. If and when the ARRSE falls out of the market, they will walk away leaving their discarded toys (Liverpool included) behind, leaving other clubs in a position to take their place in the new environment.

    Football has been around a long time and during that time not one club has been consistently at the top (Huddersfield town hatrick of titles). In nearly 150 years of league football no individual team has broken the 20 mark in championships.

    Those clubs that wish to take the big money now, should do so with their eyes open and be prepared for the long term (remember Leeds):

    Good luck to Chelski, while it lasts
    Good luck to Manure, with a 600 million pound debt, the interest kicks in in January
    Good luck to West Ham !!!!!!!
    And most importantly Good luck to Liverpool (with fingers crossed).

    What goes around comes around”
  5. Never happen ... This sort of spending power has been going on in mainland Europe for years. CAARPS hits the nail on the head, its a global buisness and as we have seen, it will atract the global money men. Its against employment law to introduce wage caps, unless all teams agree to it. Same as limiting numbers of foreign players. If they are from the EU then they have freedom of movement to work anywhere. UEFA can bitch all they like.

    Your just sour Venty.. I would be more concerned that Arsen's anger management courses are'nt working
  6. About time too.
  7. UEFA just jealous cause Chelsea doing really well