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My credentials are: ex-UDR and ex-Queen's Royal Irish Hussars. I served between 1978 and 1986. I'm now a graduate with a technical degree and I'm in my third year of studies with the OU aiming for an honours degree in history.

I'm a bit knackered now because I copped a good injury up in the Mournes in 1979 so to pass my times I've been updating the UDR Wikipedia article at Ulster Defence Regiment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and the individual battalion histories which can be accessed from List of battalions and locations of the Ulster Defence Regiment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I'm doing this with the support and help of the Regimental Association.

What I'm really short of is photographs. Everything from the battalions has been archived and, as usual, that's sealed for 30 years so I can get nothing from the National Archives - nothing free anyway and my War Pension doesn't extend to buying them.

I'd like to ask anyone who has pictures of their service life in the regiment if they'd consider donating them to me for use in the articles. Anything that's battalion specific, right down to platoon numbers etc would be brilliant because that's where I've got the most difficulties. No names needed and faces can be masked if necessary - I'm getting to be a dab hand with the oul Photoshop.

You'd have to bear in mind that any pictures used on Wikipedia would be released into the public domain. You can insist on having your name used on any reproductions but you know what the internet is like - everybody and his brother copies these images and you have to realise that you could find your picture being used in An Phoblact in some article damning us as the "Murder Regiment". It's not the first time I've had one of my own army pictures used this way.

I'm not averse to having a few editing partners on Wikipedia either but you need to know it's not as easy as some people may have told you. There are specific rules to follow and unless you have copies of any histories on the UDR it's extremely difficult to find information which can be verified and used on Wikipedia. I'm surrounded by books here at the moment.

Bearing all the above in mind, if any of you have any pictures you wouldn't mind donating, drop me a wee line by e-mail (which I think I've set up correctly here) and we can discuss anything you want. You can also verify my bona fides by contacting the Regimental Association and the Regimental Secretary will confirm everything I've said here - within reasonable parameters, I don't want anyone calling at my front door, especially not if they're carrying any nasty shooty things which might cause me harm lol.

Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to donate. The object is to get a full history of the regiment from an overview to what went on in every battalion, company, platoon, section and brick.

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