UDR man awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by badal, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. It is all fibs of course, as we all know no-one in the British Army did anything brave or was exposed to any danger whatsoever before 2003.
  2. HHH

    HHH LE

    Not only is he a very brave man, but so is his family. They too had to live under threat 24/7 as well, there was never a downtime for them where they could return to barracks, or finish a six month tour and go home.
  3. I bet even now, life is never completely "normal". Brave guy.
  4. Respect. Brave soldier - courageous family.
  5. Good on the bloke.A brave man indeed.
  6. 1 man with a Walther v a 4 up ASU with AK's
    The result One dead terrorist 3 captured later.
    Good skills Backed up with a clear awareness of the threat he faced.

    Clearly a Brave man.

    I do wonder how the other side would have spun this!! any songs composed By them i wonder
  7. The courage of Corporal Glass and the many thousands of other brave men and women who served in the ranks of the Ulster Defence Regiment is without question.

    Archibald and Bianchi and the others who find this so difficult to accept are in the minority.

    The attack on Corporal Glass was in a strange way something of an unconscious compliment to the UDR. Four heavily armed "men" against one with a pistol was a miscalculation!

    A compressed history of the failure of militant Irish Republicanism through the years in a brief fire-fight in rural Fermanagh.
  8. Aye there is a song- strange that a scottish regiment was run up the road by a flamethrower in fermanagh- yet 1 u.d.r person shot 7 times fought on- and yes he fought well- surprising.
  9. You mean the PIRA attack on Derryard PVCP.

    They were not run up the road at all. The attack went in and the terrorists got into the PVCP itself. Casualties were taken by 1 KOSB. A second callsign which was outside the PVCP launched a very effective counter attack which forced the PIRA to "run up the road" as you would describe it". I mentioned this attack in my masters dissertation.

    "A detailed description of one of PIRA’s most severe attacks on a British Army permanent vehicle check point (PVCP) at Derryard, Co Fermanagh in 1989 is given by Carver. This action is one of the few PIRA engagements that can be rightly called a battle, even though it only lasted a short time. It involved at least 12 terrorists who employed a home-made armoured vehicle, a 240 kilogram bomb, six rocket propelled grenades (RPG) and six Armalite and AK47 assault rifles, two machineguns, several fragmentation grenades and a flamethrower! Carver quotes the description given in the King’s Own Scottish Borderer’s journal as “[t]his was a terrifying close quarter action which lasted some 10 minutes. It was a fight for existence in which every man involved acted with exemplary courage and determination to defeat the enemy” (Carver, 1998: 443). The awards of two Distinguished Conduct Medals and a posthumous Mention-in-Dispatches suggest the ferociousness of the battle. However, it was also clear that PIRA had good knowledge of the layout, manning levels and routine of the PVCP and that they considered it to being tactically indefensible and thus a soft target for them to attack....."

    In addition I share an office with someone who was directly involved. So I suspect my source is more accurate than some boggy IRA propaganda song. Finally, you may remember that at the end of that day the PVCP was still there and not lost to the murdering scum of the PIRA.