UDA / WG joint patrol??

Discussion in 'Northern Ireland (Op BANNER)' started by Bravo_Bravo, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. Obviously its not; looks much more like WG escorting locals.

    Does anyone have any more to say on this?


  2. Thank you.

    I can get on with some more fitness now.
  3. UWC strike? 1974 I think
  4. At that time the UDA were still a legal organisation so there was no way to stop them from doing things like that until they actually did something illegal and in instances like this they were trying to portray themselves as assisting the security forces. They didn't get proscribed until something like the late 80's.

    It caused all sorts of problems because at one stage it was perfectly legal to be a serving soldier and a member of the UDA.
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  5. 49 PARA. Messy Monday. Enough said.
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  6. Brotherton Lad

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    ... and you get people complaining about the school run nowadays. Don't know they're born.
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  7. HHH

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    The photo might even be pre UDA, like the Woodvale Defence Association etc that went on the form the UDA.
  8. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Might even have been prior to the big standoff between the Army and UDA on the shankill. I doubt there were joint patrols. It may have been a case of tossers going one way and soldiers going the other

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  9. I'm pretty sure this is in fact a genuine joint "patrol" by the East Belfast UDA and army. If I recall it was taken in 1972 after a big standoff between the UDA and SF in Duke St, just off the Newtonards Rd. It was the only cooperation of its kind, and done purely to placate the UDA who vastly outnumbered the army in the city, but the photograph has been pulled out by republicans countless times over the years as proof of "collusion!" between the SF and loyalists. No mention of the numerous gun battles that occurred between the UDA and army in the early seventies. The Paras shot two UDA men around about this time, ran over a couple of others, and drove a Saracen into a UDA club.

    Here's a more typical shot of SF and UDA interaction from the same time period, although republicans are for some reason less keen to publicise shots like this:

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  10. seems strange they would be lead by a little girl - but hey ho, command structures are not all the same.
  11. skid2

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  12. Coming from west Belfast what did the ordinary soldier think of the people from the Catholic areas , did you think it strange while getting abuse from teens they would wearing premier league football tops ?
  13. Journo alert *

    Mate, a lot of us have got at least one Irish Catholic grand parent.....most of us grew up on streets in cities just like West Belfast ..we came to help stop innocent people getting murdered. Could have been any other British City as far as most of us were concerned and don't forget there's always been a good few Irish boys in the British Army.

    Even had some sympathy with the locals and often wondered what we'd be doing in their shoes..... I know who I'd side with. Getting stopped and searched by the Cops in London used to pi55 me off.so don't think that we were all brain washed tools of Imperialistic Britain .....the Jocks may differ in their opinion ;-)
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