UDA pledges to move away from violence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Andyroo, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. RTE News

    Yeah right! And I am the Pope!
  2. A statement issued by the inner council of Northern Ireland`s biggest loyalist paramilitary organisation also denied reports that it was using a cover name to launch a fresh wave of sectarian attacks.

    Fears that the grouping may be about to embark on a new campaign against Catholics heightened when a taxi passenger`s gun jammed after it was pointed at the driver in North Belfast at the weekend.

    The attack was claimed by the Red Hand Defenders, a pseudonym employed in the past by the UDA.

    But the organisation rejected any link to the apparent murder bid.

    Its statement said: "Within recent days the name of the so-called Red Hand Defenders has emerged once again.

    "We wish to state categorically that there is no Red Hand Defenders and they do not exist.

    "The individuals using this cover name are criminals who are motivated by self gain. Those who use that name were stood down and that is a matter of public record."

    The UDA has come under intense scrutiny following a police raid on a north Belfast pub.

    Seventeen men were arrested by the specialist unit that stormed the Alexandra Bar in the Tiger`s Bay district.

    Eleven of them were later charged with helping to set up a meeting of the outlawed terrorist group.

    The paramilitary organisation`s statement insisted: "The UDA carry out the wishes of its entire membership.

    "That membership is saying quite clearly that they are committed to a process of change and will not be deterred from that path.

    "We are confident that our current policy will see us through any attempt to derail this process.

    "None shall separate us."

    The UDA statement was greeted with scepticism by republicans. Sinn Fein MP, Martin McGuinness said:

    "We need to hear and see from the UDA evidence that their violent sectarian campaign against Catholics is over. We need to hear that their guns and bombs will not be used again and that they want to move forward peacefully with the rest of us.

    "Along with most people I hope that this statement will take us forward. However, I have to say that along with most people, I need to be convinced by actions or non-actions that live up to this statement."
  3. That's the latest from UTV. I see they've been converted to spin as well.
  4. Erm...... did anyone tell the members of the Red Hand Defenders? It is all beginning to sound like Continuity IRA, Real IRA, etc. from the 'Loyalist' side.

    At the end of the day they either accept Catholics as human beings with the same rights as themselves or they don't. If it is the latter they should feck off and crawl back under the stone they came from and die! And I am a Prod (albeit with a Catholic name [long story])!
  5. Shite there goes another stereotype, thought all Prods were called Billy and all Catholics Patrick.

    Fcuk knows what the UDA are up to, I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what transpires. Need to be on the ground to see any real changes, price of coke, interest rates of money lenders, better quality pirate DVDs and chinese restaurants run by chinese and not by two of the local thugs as the chinese had no doubt not paid an insurance premium.
  7. I'm very common wherever I go!
  8. Michaereighannnin Dhmorerghaheneain (Bert Smith)

    That's thats what I put in a spoof on the April Fool/Aviation forum. Of course it's bollox but it was a pattern I noticed especially when cameras were on those sweet, innocent and law abiding residents of the Garvaghy Road in Portadown. Off the thread I know but the Irish language and the Irish names seemed to come at a time just to get up the noses of the Prods. Of course we know different.
  9. I suspect that the UDA are just trying to get with the programme. Look at how successful PIRA have been with there 'We've destroyed all our weapons, so we have, really'. Bliar and Sinn Hain believed it, whilst Padroigh O'Fenian simply continues to operate as a member of I Can't Believe It's Not PIRA or other name.