UDA on the brink...

From today's Sunday Life....

The UDA last night teetered on the brink of all-out civil war.

Jailed north Belfast brigadier Andre Shoukri was switched to a secure unit at Maghaberry prison amid growing fears for his safety - as the feud with south Belfast UDA boss Jackie McDonald threatened to spiral out of control.



Look's like the Wombles are at it again!
I'd say I don't give a sh1t and let them have at it.
But for the fact that I can see the houses of a couple of the N. Belfast brigade's "leading lights" and their pub is about 100 yds. away.

Y'know they aren't famed for their marksmanship, fire discipline or indeed actually identifying their targets particularly well. :roll:
I knw what you mean! The local Wombles put a couple of 'undesirables' out of the local estate in the Dee ( they were alcholics!) & the NIHE has re-housed them round the corner from me!Now we have the PSNI calling every other day!
But it seem's that since all the 'hard line' wombles have either been run out,killed or in the knick,the wannabees are trying to take over.