UDA chief is spy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KevinB, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. UDA chief is spy
    Inner council 'brigadier' exposed as top agent for security services
    Sunday, January 06, 2008

    By Brian Rowan

    One of the UDA's 'brigadiers' is a long time security services agent, Sunday Life reveals today.

    And we can also reveal that a secret meeting was held in London in the wake of the Castlereagh and Stormontgate scandals to stop the top loyalist agent from standing down.

    The paramilitary 'brigadier' who was met in the English capital remains a member of the UDA's ruling 'inner council'.

    Sunday Life knows his name - but is not publishing it.

    His role as an agent was revealed by a senior and credible source.

    Now, a prominent nationalist politician has called on State organisations and paramilitaries - both republican and loyalist - "to come clean on how deeply involved one was with the other".

    Alex Attwood, a former member of the Policing Board, made his call as the Eames-Bradley Consultative Group on the Past continues its work.

    Its report and recommendations are due in the summer or early autumn.

    "I think there were a lot more agents involved in more activities and at a much higher leadership level," SDLP MLA Attwood told this newspaper.

    "Many people died because of that - across the board, security force and civilian."

    The informer met in London is one example of how agent-running reached into the highest levels of paramilitary organisations.

    The 'CHIS' - meaning covert human intelligence source - has operated at the heart of the UDA for years.

    His threat to end his agent role was part of the nervousness and turmoil that resulted from the major security breaches of 2002.

    Now, as the Eames-Bradley group looks into the past, Mr Attwood believes it is beginning to "get its head round the vastness of its work".

    He wants its report when published to reflect "daring thinking" and argues that the consultative group should be given all the help they need to "propose radical ideas".

    The group has already had access to the Stevens team - which investigated the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane and other alleged acts of collusion.

  2. No 'and' to it mate. Just wanted to see what you all thought about it.
  3. Would it not be easier to list those in all the movements who were not in the pay of HMG. Can’t be many on the list.
  4. What purpose will this serve now?

    Both sides signed up to a peace treaty of sorts.

    NI is now suffering from the protection rackets from the thugs on both sides. Is this progress? maybe it is but to drag up who spied on who prior to the treaty being signed should not matter anymore.
  5. Yeah right! Like PIRA touts are going to own up. A published list of touts on both sides would make a Labour politician blush :D Does Atwood suggest that the SB et al publish Source Names without the sources agreeing.

    What a load of old b0llox. And if somene has named a tout to some rag - Cui Bono?
  6. Does make you wonder about the motivation, doesn't it?
  7. I think everyone knows that Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness have been in the pay of the British for years.
    Oh no now that I had written that I hope they don't get into any trouble.
  8. Old news Kevin. Where are you in Boston? Roisin Dubh?
  9. May be 'old' news, but the article date is Sunday, January 06, 2008 - mostly I wanted to see what others thought.

    Roisin Dubh? Hardly think I'd be welcome there somehow.