UCL Chair takes 30k paycut

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, May 27, 2010.

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  1. Shame he'll still earn over £250k PA,

    According to latest figures, Prof Grant received a £303,492 salary in 2008/9 – making him one of the highest paid university leaders in Britain – but UCL insisted his salary had been frozen for the last two years


    I wonder what with student fee's increasingly likely to rise, will numerous oversubscribed Universities criterias be reviewed?
  2. Well, that's what happens when you marketise everything that doesn't run away fast enough - market forces dominate.

    A University principal has to manage a broader range of responsibilities that most private sector employees at that level, certainly those in organisations of similar size. Between the home education sector, research portfolios, public and private sector funding, international collaborations of a variety of types, external awards, overseas campuses, spin-off research companies/private enterprises, consultancies, intellectual property, 'town and gown' activities and the general size of estate needed for a modern HEI, it's pretty demanding.

    As a minor cog in the gears of a 'venerable' establishment, I'm rather hacked at the amount they get paid too, but the internal logic is inescapable even if you have to question the underlying premise of the whole setup.