I am posting this for 2 reasons.
1.I know there are Naval Members here
2.some regiments play Uckers.

On ROMFT,we already have a Beta Build of Uckers.It should,all things being well,go live Multiplayer in the very near future.I was wondering if there was any interest in an Online Inter Website Uckers Competition?


Once you've mastered the various nuances in Uckers, will you be producing a multi-player version of 'Pass the Pigs'?
It was bad enough trying to understand the gibberish that submariners spoke when they visited the Falklands back in '94 - at least they then proceeded to share copious amounts of pussers rum with us. Now I have to try and get my head round this!! One assumes it is akin to "Mornington Crescent?" (another game I have no f###ing clue on how to play...)

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