Discussion in 'Officers' started by VazSingh, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm looking at the royal signals selection & training page and it says the minimum requirements are 140 ucas tariff points (although I could have sworn it was 300 in order to be an ICT & Comms officer). (EDIT - 140, just took a look in the prospectus)

    I've just finished doing my resit of AS. I'm going to be moving onto A2 in september. I'm hoping to join without a degree.

    What's getting me right now is that I have no idea how many UCAS points I actually have. I've asked my head of year, assistant head of year and all my subject teachers how on earth I can keep track of them or how I could find out how many i've accumulated. Nobody is giving a clear answer.

    What sort of grades do you think I should be getting during AS & A2 in order to reach the minimum entry requirements?
  2. The way it was pointed out to me, was that the lowest grades you can get to pass arn't what the army is looking for as so many people have degrees these days IMO do the best you can, and see what you get rather that just scrape through!

  3. Although I wasn't an officer myself I would say go and do your degree first, you've got plenty of time ahead of you. As dundeeulster points out, so many people nowadays are gaining degrees it's becoming ever harder to compete without one in all walks of life, unless you have a trade, or a definite idea of what you want to do.

    It will always be there to fall back on in the future. I did it arrse about face myself and went to uni when I left the Army and have just graduated this week, I wish I'd done it sooner when I was young enough to fully enjoy the social side of it (i.e. the drunken young birds!)
  4. The thing is currently I'm not a high flyer. Outside of the formal framework I've done quite alot in terms of ICT related stuff (own work) & I've started training for the physical side. Since GCSE (where I was a really high flyer) there's been a massive drop.

    I don't want to go to a rubbish uni, spend 3K each year, perhaps flop once and then come out.

    What sort of grades do you think are satisfactory?

    Currently nothing is worrying me more than the entry requirements.
  5. Give the ACIO a ring, they should be able to tell you exactly what the educational requirements are....
  6. A2 Ucas points are 120 for A
    100 - B
    80 - C
    AS are just half so A = 60points

    If you got a D and a C at ALevel you will have got the grades. Good luck!
  7. UCAS website will tell you the exact amount of points gained from each qualification you have gained, just look there.
  8. You can get UCAS points for other things aswell as A levels, e.g. Duke of Edinburgh Award.

    Many people join up without degrees and you wont be seen as a "pile of worthless crap".

    It will take you longer as an undergraduate entry officer to get to the rank Captain but from then on its just the same.
  9. Shouldn't do - 20% of officer cadets are not graduates. You'll all be treated in the same way.
  10. I don't think so, I believe it is because it means that you don't get extremely young Captains.
  11. check out this page http://www.ucas.com/candq/tariff/index.html#gce

    about a third of the way down the pages there are a set of tables the first one contains the ucas value of each grade for as and a level.

    these are shown under GCE AS level and GCE A level.

    the tables under that pretty much cover ucas points of everything else that counts. also if you have an NVQ at level 3 they count towards it.

    hope this helps

  12. Thanks guys.
  13. http://www.merlinhelpsstudents.com/studentlife/beforeuniversity/ucas/ucaspointscalculator.asp

    That is a very good resource for calculating your UCAS points. With it, i found out that if i get three passes with my BTEC, as well as the points i have from my AS results, i will have 170 points which should be enough for me to join as a officer.

    About this taking longer to become a captain thing, you will still be getting there at the same age (say, you dont go to uni, and your freind does, you join 3 years earlier, he joins, you both advance but both will hit captain at the same time, but he will have spent less time in the army) but it means that you dont have any debts from university.