I have finally taken the plunge well at least dual booted my pc with ubuntu
And here are my thoughts on ubuntu

! Feck me its quick no more waiting for the cogs to turn just to get a programe open.

2 Its easier to negotiate around.

3 Looks better than windows.

4 I think it better than Vista.

Your thoughts
Anything is better than vista. One thing i will say why duel boot it, have you tried download a VM virtual machine software and have ubuntu running at the same time as windows which allows you to flick from one to other plus the VM is virtual and takes up no room on your harddrive if fact you can/could run it of a usb stick.

VM links: http://www.vmware.com/products/ws/



There is one draw back using microsoft VM, ubuntu and microsoft will and dont help one another out
I managed to get unbuntu to work more or less idiot proof so far :D
i am dual booting for now just untill i can get my system running the same as the windows one ie software etc then i will get rid of windows all together and stick with the all great ubuntu

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