Ubuntu on a 2nd internal drive?


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Can somebody give me some advice on this ...

I want to fit a 2nd internal hard drive, preferably something roomy for music, vids etc, and install ubuntu on it to run alongside my current XP loaded drive.

1) I read that large 2nd drives can cause problems with overheating, is this true?
2) What else should I look out for - what would be an optimal size? I've seen 400gig + drives for sale, are they practical? Is bigger slower in this context?
3) Any advice, or links you've found useful very much appreciated.

I'm an IT amatuer and trying to educate myself, so if we can keep things failry simple for me :thumleft:

Thanks in advance ...


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You won't have any problems if you install another drive. With regards to the speed of it there is no issue there either. I can recommend getting an external drive I can recommend the Lacie ones, you can find a whole load of them at www.overclockers.co.uk



Have you even bothered to read the post? He wants to fit an internal HDD and try out Ubuntu, not an external one and put Suse on it.


Fitting another HDD isn't hard, but if you are looking to dual boot the system, I would recommend that you get your local IT guru over to help out. If it goes wrong, you may end up with an unuseable computer and all your data lost.



Two ways of doing it off the top of my head,

1.Open the PC up and fit the new hard drive as a slave on the same cable that your current disks if fitted too, then run any necessary set up in the BIOS so the disk is recognized by the PC.

Set your CD to be the first boot device and restart your PC with the Ubuntu CD in the drive, then follow the idiots guide to install, the only thing you really need to ensure is that Ubuntu installs on the new drive, once you’ve pointed it to the correct disk it should handle all the partitioning and setting up of the drive it’s self.

On start up you will be given the choice of booting into either Windows or Ubuntu via the boot loader (Grub?)

2.Second idea is if you don’t wish to use the boot loader and your PC has a boot selection option (F11 on start up) is to fit the new hard drive as above and then disconnect the old one.

boot up the PC and install Ubuntu, again letting it handle the partitioning, once you’ve installed Ubuntu and it’s running to your satisfaction power off and reconnect your old hard drive, then just tap F11 on start up and select whatever boot option you require, either Windows or Ubuntu.

couple of guides to point one http://users.bigpond.net.au/hermanzone/ and http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6104490811311898236

3.Re the disk size, as long as your PC will support the size, go for it, but please note that some older motherboards might have problems, see here for a quick Q&A http://www.md4pc.com/questions/58.htm

4.last option, do what msr suggests and get someone to install it for you, at least that way if things go tits up you’re not going to be kicking yourself.


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Thanks very much indeed for your help gents.

I'm going to have a go myself - I'll back everything up first and I think I know enough not to load Ubuntu onto my XP drive, which is the main danger.

Again, many thanks ..


Remember if you plan on installing Linux on the other HDD then you will probably want to create a partition for it otherwise you're going to be using the rest of that hard drive for all your music etc in a Linux environment that im guessing you're not used to.