Ubuntu more popular than Vista

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by johnnyutah, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. It's too early, WTF is a kernel? Who is this 'root' guy?

  2. It's so easy to use my grandma could use it.

  1. According to this article Click
    The Google search term 'ubuntu' is more popular than Vista.
    This doesn't mean to say that there are more ubuntu users pro-rata than Vista but it I'll bet it's got microsoft pooing their pants.
    How much does Vista cost? Ubuntu is free and can outclass vista easily, just do a search on youtube for ubuntu, compiz or beryl.
    Ubuntu is also a more popular search term than linux now which means that people are no longer thinking of ubuntu as JALF (just another linux flavour) but as an entirely different operating system.
    Not bad going for a free operating system.
  2. Ubuntu's great. It's definitely harder installing stuff on Linux though, but if your main use is as a web browser and for 'office' software then it's hard to beat. £Zero? Too Bloody right!
  3. Like they say the only things holding Linux back is the schools systems teaching everything M$ and the fact that little jonny or me for that matter cant play the latest Gung Ho slasher murder em' up.
  4. Virtualisation software like virtual box (free also) allows you to install a windows 'image' and have an OS within an OS making Gung Ho slasher murder games possible on lin..cough..ubuntu.
    I've played CSS (badly) on Ubuntu with this method.
  5. My 5 year old laptop is like a new machine running Xubuntu, an Ubuntu derivative. Just in case I want to run something that really needs Windows I have an XP virtual machine set up using Virtual Box (free from the Ubuntu repositories.)

    My advice to anyone would be to use Ubuntu as a host OS and set up XP/Vista as a virtual machine as necessary. You machine will run better and you can worry less about viruses and so on as the XP/Vista OS is connecting via Ubuntu.
  6. I am sold on linux. I have been Windows free for 2 years. And my system now really rocks. No viruses. No crashes. And a lot of very cool applications. And hey. It's free.
  7. Or just Dual Boot. 1= Serious Partition and 2= Murder Death Kill partition and maybe 3= PRON ;)
  8. I really need to look into this. I have been Linux curious for years but worry I cannot use all my "Stuff" with a non MS OS.
  9. Arrse community = Ubuntu geeks.
    Good stuff. Personally I think it's only a matter of time before it becomes really mainstream once people realise that it isn't that scary to get away from windows and there aren't little hammer and sickles on everything...
    The security argument is valid, for now. However with time and popularity Ubuntu will become a target but will never suffer from being vulnerable whilst waiting for a patch. The auto-update system in ubuntu is awesome. Not only are you patching your OS but your software as well.

    I reckon more virus-ridden squads would do well to give Vista/XP the boot and install ubuntu.
    They would be able to download or view their 'material of choice' with peace of mind, as well as saving muchos beer tokens.
  10. I'll try that tomorrow - as long as I don't lose all my p0rn links...
  11. I just wish I could explain in a simple way - the superior security that linux offers and why. And it has nothing to do with the market being so small that the hackers can not be bothered.
    Most hackers are linux freaks any way. The fact is that an executeable file simply will not run on a linux box without the sys admin authorising it. End of.
  12. Not saying your wrong or anything against Ubuntu, but you are forgetting Human nature. At the moment most of the people with any Linux OS installed are probably more computer savvy than most and so would think carefully about any executable they were not expecting, but that does not go for the average computer user. I give you exhibit A - The "I love You" email virus. What tw@t would open an attachment that says "I love you" from some one they had never heard of? errrrrr, well actually, millions of tw@ts. Most of todays virii (is that right?) are delivered by some method of social engineering to trick the person into running it, this method will work on any current OS.
  13. I installed the 2008 Version of Mandriva the other day and it seems really good, installed in about 10 minutes from a disc image on the same HDD (differerent partition ofc) that the file was located on.

    It installed every single driver automatically, including my PCI wireless adapter and installed more free software than I know what to do with.

    All that in about 10 minutes and you don't have to pay for it... Cheers easy.

    Edit: Networking with windows is very easy and you can even access the windows partition to access all your files etc.
  14. Can you use USB wireless adaptors with Ubuntu? last time I had a cabby I couldn't get mine working for love nor money (I'm too stingy to buy a PCI adaptor).

    Also, anyone know if you can connect to an xbox 360 using a linux distro?
  15. Pielover:
    If you have the windows drivers for your adaptor you can get it to work using ndiswrapper Click which allows windows wireless drivers to be used in linux.

    As for the xbox: See Here. I would recommend the firestarter GUI method for beginners or it can be done from the command line using ifconfig/iptables etc but thats a little harder.
    Personally I'd get a router and some cables so you can DMZ your xbox whilst protecting your laptop.