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Ubuntu (Linux)

Anybody here using or tried Ubuntu? It's a refreshing alternative to Windows...

Also wondering if anyone has got iTunes working properly using Ubuntu?

-B :D
It is possible - a mate has Ubuntu and iTunes on his laptop. A bit of Googling ought to point you in the right direction. I'm afraid me and iTunes don't get along, so I don't know the ins and outs of it.
Finally got fed up for the last time with Windows a couple of months back, so now I'm using ubuntu for my primary O/S.

If you've got a technical background, I'd say definitely yes, do it (can't say for itunes on ubuntu as I don't use it, myself), if not, then I'd think twice about it.

If you only occasionally need itunes you could use virtualbox and have a virtual machine of windows xp or whatever with itunes installed on that.
SauceDoctor said:
It is possible - a mate has Ubuntu and iTunes on his laptop. A bit of Googling ought to point you in the right direction. I'm afraid me and iTunes don't get along, so I don't know the ins and outs of it.
Yeah, I've done some Googling... Wine doesn't work but Vitual Box is an option. I HATE iTunes but one needs it to Sync their iPOD.

I think I'm gonna try Banshee out, see if that works.

Cheers. :)
If you do try Ubuntu I can recommend KDE as an alternative GUI to the default Gnome, I found it easier to get used to after moving from XP. Google "Kubuntu" for more.

Or try Ubuntu Netbook Remix for, well, netbooks. Default Linux distros on netbooks are lobotomised and Windows makes them choke, whereas UNR just works.
ooooh_matron said:
It's a good, efficient and stable system, also making for a very good server OS.

Why not just get a Mac though?
Cause they're real expensive? Worth it, I'd agree, but still expensive!
As you say virtual box is an option but I found it to be very slow indeed and itunes is slow enough as it is in my opinion. I just set up a tiny partition for a separate windows boot that I pretty much use solely for itunes.
I am sad to report that after 18 months of Ubuntu. I recently reverted to Windows. I got one Linux hurdle too many when a multi-function printer was unusable. The fault of the printer manufacturer of course for not providing drivers, but it was one of many minor annoyances that pushed me back to a mainstream desktop system.

Installing windows was an interesting experience after a Linux system though. Installing Ubuntu takes about 30 minutes to get a working system with most extras you need installed, the fonts sorted (it looks crap by default - you have to add microsoft fonts). Then maybe another hour of mucking around getting those odds and sods like webcams working.

Windows - 12 hours by the time all the updates are in if you don't have the very latest version of the install disk? Then every small bit of software manually - text editors, graphics editing, office suite...... It was definitely more than two working days before my PC had everything installed and working.

One bit of sound advice - if you PC is brand new, I wouldn't try it. It's always better to wait until a system is 6 months old before installing Linux so that people have had a chance to get the necessary drivers in to the distribution repositories.

Finally, it is a big pain moving back to the near-graphical only environment of windows after having a mass of ultra-fast command line tools like Grep. Predictably my PC is now significantly slower too. Finally it's very annoying being back in the world of disk defragmentation and registry cleaners.

Score - Ubuntu 4, Windows 6 for my current situation. Linux every time for a server though.
Buddy! said:
I HATE iTunes but one needs it to Sync their iPOD.
It depends on what you're doing with the synching- I use Rhythmbox on ubuntu and it works even better with ipod- none of that syncing crap, or a gajillion copies of each song, just two lists of music and you can move stuff from one to the other no problem. Haven't ever done podcasts or videos though, so cant be sure for those.

In general, ubuntu is very nice as long as you are vaguely tecchy, tends to run much much faster than windows and is not nearly as prone to big errors etc. Sometimes things dont work though, occasionally bits of hardware won't have linux drivers, and linux is pointless for gaming.

If you have an old laptop or pc that is too slow and gathering dust, try sticking ubuntu onto that first. Have a play around, see whether it can easily do everything you want.
GCO - you probably already do, but if you aren't using it already I'd recommend mingw/msys to get all your command line tools back under windows (or cygwin, but I have an abiding loathing for it myself).

There's also linux native tooling for ipod sync knocking around (not just banshee, though it is good), but I still gather virtualbox is the current preferred option.

edit to add : just noticed the pointless for gaming bit, and had to note ... steam via wine, and thence to L4D2 etc is all good (at least on my setup), and IIRC valve have committed to linux native steam, and portal2 on linux

... ugh I'm starting to sound like a linux fanboy
In the real world I reckon dual boot is the way forward. (Or virtualisation, depending on your depth of technical knowledge, I'll try that next time I change my box) I do it so I can use Linux for all the normal pc things and then play games under Windows.

Macs only work if you can afford the premium and don't want to play games, but they are very, very nice. And as for iTunes, it's the main reason I've never bought an iPod.

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