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Discussion in 'RLC' started by brettarider, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. Looking at doing my UBRE course this year, Any idea how long the course is at ASMT? my PSI going to look into it for me just so I can book the time off work
  2. Operator / Instr? The Cse is held at Westmoors (Defence School of Petroleum). 10 days I think
  3. Just Checked. Cse is 9 days. Cse number 11-F.
  4. Just the operator thanks all thought it would be around the 10 mark a summer smelling of fuel (no change there then) :?
  5. ASMT? Army School of Mechanical Transport? Good lord sir! You've been around a fair while - Tis called DST these days.
  6. My last vist was in 1993! I can even remember being at the RE driving school :lol:
  7. You only smell of fuel if you spill it!!! But dont tell anyone but the the "fuel" they use at the Defence Petroleum School,West Moors, has more water in it than the English Channel!!
  8. Well PSI's putting a bid in for me for a course in July doing it at Grantham 2 weeks 8)
  9. 2 f*ckin weeks! what are you doing building one! my Instr's course was 3 weeks and that was 4 different Vehicles. Good luck, here's all you have to know - NSP's - connect - select - pre-pump checks - start pumping - stop pumping - release pressure - agree dips - disconnect - paperwork - NSP's in reverse. Thats you qualified in 2 mins, The regular army way!
  10. Think theres a Hazmatt section as well with it so dont know how long the actual course is so will have to see but hey 2 weeks away from her indoors :)
  11. Leave the course to the experts Monkey, i take it you dont check the quality of your fuel then?? QQG's??? Only ripping mate!
  12. QQG's are for puffs mate! as long as everyones sticker is yellow were happy and if they aint got enough they can come back laters! You can tell I aint taught it for a few years! LOL
  13. the course is two weeks including weekends, how much does that suck.
  14. Inlcuding weekends?????
  15. doing the course in a few months, it starts on a saturday and runs thro both weekends. well thats how i read the joining instructions anyway.