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No, not based on the film.

A 4 player coop currently on Kickstarter, app driven and you essentially command the crew of a German ww2 submarine.

Has anyone else backed?
Going the way you expected?


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Does it include de-cyphering messages with an Enigma?


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When I was in 8th Grade, I read my dad's copy of A Man Called Intrepid and became obsessed with the Enigma Machine. In fact, for our school's science fair, I even built a very basic mock up of one and had to stand in front of our class and demonstrate how it worked.

So, imagine a thirteen year old _Chim_ stood in front of students, parents, and teachers and saying something like ... "the genius of the encryption mechanism relies upon the changing rotors, so the first time you press the letter EFF, you see TEE - then the next time you press EFF, you see BEE - and then next time you press EFF you see KAY."

It was a moment of triumph for me that was met by a titter of laughter from a couple of parents and only one of the teachers who realised what I had done a few minutes later.


Very nearly backed it on Kickstarter, but realised that if we did get round to playing it in my house then the wife would always want to be Captain, the eldest boy probably would create is own fiefdom in engineering, and the youngest would scuttle the boat as he's a bit of a ****. So no, it would just be another doorstop in the way.
Looks fantastic though.

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