Sparky Marky- I could either go to ubique or stay at home and f**k your mother...... decisions decisions....... your mother wins everytime!! :wink:
FGAU said:
Sparky Marky- I could either go to ubique or stay at home and f**k your mother...... decisions decisions....... your mother wins everytime!! :wink:
does this mean you'll be giving your own mother a rest that weekend?
Is this the weekend when various OTCs go down to take a look at life in the Royal Engineers for a weekend? I remember being on my B1 Combat Engineer course at Gib Barracks in 1999 when something similar was run. Got spammed to teach very basic bridge demolition and some of them actually believed me when my demo Sapper came out loaded up with about 30 hayrick charges strapped to his dems belt! Probably lost the Corps a few potential officers that day...:wink:

As I remember though, the pish-up afterwards was fantastic - boat races and all sorts. Worth going down just for that, eh? :d
How did the weekend go for you guys?
Thankyou to 3 RSME, for putting us up. We were made to feel very welcome and definetly made an impression - Exercise "massive recruiting drive" went well.
I personally thought it was excellent, Congratulations to London on an excellent win.

Nice to see that the Engineer OTC's can still do engineer things slightly better than infantry units like Wales who turned up for the piss up and a play with the boats. Come on Wales.

Awesome weekend, almost killed ourselves on the run, bridging went well even with few dificulties and boat race looked brilliant (even though I was just a spectator for that one). Free phys, free food good piss-up and a nice little boat ride rounded off by a nice tankard. What more could you want.

Congrats must also go to Exeter for the immense effort on the bridging and Wales for winning on the boats, with special mention for the two teams with such fighting spirit they stopped paddling the water and started paddling each other round the back of the second island!
Absolutely cracker weekend guys, everyone at Queens Belfast had a gleaming weekend!

We may not have came first in anythin but we certainly enjoyed ourselves in the bar!!!!

To-ga! to-ga! to-ga!!!!!!!!!

A few good costumes altho i was disappointed that not many other OTCs went in fancy dress.
Some serious moves were busted on the dance floor and was good to meet a few guys from some of the other OTCs...will def be back next year!
Well done London a well deserved win, though I have to say Exeter is all infantry. It's down to the enthusiasm of the OCdts and the Instructors/PSIs at the end of the day.
Excellent weekend and well done RE Minley for funding it out of the black economy and as an extra activity.
PS Anything outrageous stories from the dinner we should know about (anon of course) ET
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