Ubique Ya Bass........

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blessed baby cakes, Dec 5, 2004.

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  1. ARRSE Crimbo Do

    Send sitrep over.....

    9 MIA

    6 survivors

    Remainder killed by alcohol

    Radio comms with 2 of MIA

    Remainder minging and desperately trying to cop off

    2 MIA believed in Gay bar

    Int suggests remainder heckling bunch of trumpton squirters near Chinatown!

    Say again over!

    Yous are all poofs
  2. Good night then? :eek:
  3. Oh aye

    Little Jack H
    Papa passed out pissed
    Canteen Cowboy

    Wait out
  4. My Sunray requests SCANDALREP , Over.
  5. No mention of anyone in the company of Watchdog/CIVPOL. Obviously a very tame affair.
  6. Those of us that could not be part of this glorious mission wish a speedy return to those still out there - our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    As for those finished and in their beds - lightweights!
    I have seen nothing in the on-line papers - so that is a good thing I guess!
  7. Posting at 01:20 hrs.... what kind of lightweight girly affair was this? 8O
  8. The only answer to the above that will save your bacon is one of the following.

    1. We all made maps of Africa in our jeans and was refused entry so we came home to get changed prior to going out for another 6 hours.

    2. Four of the party were arrested and we are raising bail.

    3. We are having a drunken orgy

    4. We have murdered Moodybitch, thrown her body in the Thames and are in hiding from the Dibble.

    5. BBC is holding everyone prisoner 'Misery' style and all have been hobbled.

    Any excuses other than that will be deemed to be totally gay and unacceptable. In at 01:20 disgraceful, Pride of the Army???
  9. I thought Laaaandon was a 24 hour drinking city? And hope to hear some scandal 8O
  10. I hope I haven't been wasting my efforts. I went out last night (East Coast Aussie time) got myself into a disgraceful state and projectile vomitted on the footpath outside the pub in front of 200 odd young things lined up waiting to get in to see some arrse clown sing. Some left immediately and went home. Having cleared my head and stomach it was off for a curry.

    I hope my efforts in sympathy with the London event were not in vain of some pansy gathering? I'm only good for two or three efforts like this a year now.
  11. MDN.............3

  12. 01.20 hrs? Me and Greengrass were just starting then. And Londinium is not a bloody 24 hours drinking fest - unless you want to pay £15 for some gay bar and watered down beer.

    By the way. Gado is double double broken and, I quote "You are all animals".

    I rest my case.

    He he he. I survived!!!!!!!!!

    Oh - and Beebs is best hostess. Bacon butties in bed. Only for me though :wink:
  13. Fanny that would not even get a mention in comparasion to some of the stuff that happened last night. Gado has survived the night but only just it was touch and go for a while sadly her hair did not make it. Papa was blasted by 1900 and spent most the of the night on iced water due to strict instructions from beeb that shed would rip his nuts off if he bailed early. The local fuzz are currently looking for 20 or so herbets who got their arrses out in Trafalgar square giving two small children memories that will never really heal. Ozgerbobble had his red hacket cords taken from him by force and spent most of the night sulking as the bars we were in did not serve pink gin. I happily had a bout of projectile vomit in the Chinese restaurant at about midnight which cleared my guts ready for further action.
  14. Additional
    Beeb had fun all night apologising to a string of bar staff for the actions of people who for ease of ID all were wearing the same tops. Not sure of the final score but I think we were asked to leave every pub that we went into. The Garrick arms took one look at Papa and battened down the hatches the doorman at the club nearly had a hernia laughing when we asked what chance we had of getting in. All In all it was a blinding night I woke up with all my teeth and most of my clothes so I chalking it up as a success.
  15. Ok, ok, am suffering slightly this morning, but am defornately not broken. The 'animal' comment was directed at the slug, cause she really is the worst kind of animal.

    All in all a top night was had by all. Shame on the guys from the RAMC, you're all weak!

    I have a beautiful voice & it would sound even better muffled by your penis :lol:

    I WIN