Uber-Walt Militias

Discussion in 'US' started by Zoid, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. I am curious as to what you serving or ex US military guys make of these type of people:


    Just what on earth are they doing? Do they really see themselves as a remake of the 1776 Patriots, and do they really think that someday there will be a big uprising, where they can all play starring roles as they pit their tacticool AR-15's against passing Apache Helicopters and and the like?

    If so, I suggest they start by laying off the twinkies (see pics), so they can at least run away when it all goes wrong.

    Perhaps it is telling that in most of these articles, there appears to be a distinct lack of military experience by their "leadership" figures.
  2. Why do they all have to run around in the woods in camouflage (tiger stripes for Ohio and Michigan?). The next American civil war is going to be fought in the cities. They could just wear track suits and sneakers, gym bag for the guns and ammo, and just blend right in. That's how the Mafia fights their wars here in NYC. The Colombo's had a great feud in the early 1990's, about 15 killed. The Bonnano's always have great feuds too. :)
  3. We could sell them all our surplus DPM kit when we go MTP.
  4. Because they're mongs?
  5. Any other state they would'nt be armed in fact they would be on meds :twisted:

    The US is a big place so if they hide out in the woods far from everywhere
    else there only really a threat to bears wolves and mountain lions.
    Who might get heart disease from feasting on there fat laden corpses :twisted:
    ok there armed but bubba with his tricked out sks slow moving slow brained against a bear my moneys on grizzly :twisted:
  6. Are you nuts? Being misstaken for Brits is one thing :p , but when people get to think we are Septic Militia is just unbearable!
  7. You are Charles Bronson and I claim my $10.
  8. some of these types of people did rather well in the military though...Timothy McVeigh, Bo Gritz, Randy Weaver...