Uber Walt - Man allegedly faked way into Army


FORT WORTH, Texas - A Texas man with no military experience managed to trick the Army into letting him enter a reserve unit as a noncommissioned officer earlier this year, putting an untrained soldier in a leadership position in a time of war, an Associated Press investigation has found.

The revelation comes just months after the Army drew criticism for failing to flag the suspicious activities of the Army psychiatrist now charged with killing 13 and wounding dozens of others at Fort Hood.
The matter, currently under investigation by the Army, means a soldier received a security clearance and was in position to lead troops in combat even though he hadn't gone through basic training or spent any time in the service.

If this is true, holy shit standards have dropped since I was in.


War Hero
I think we had something similar to this, except it was a Walt territorial medic type, who had neither qualified as a doctor nor was in the TA proper. Speechless :/

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