Uber walt: Hendy-freeguard

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trotsky, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. Even now I can't even begin to understand how the whole thing worked and how he got away with it for so long. The bloke must be a silver-tongued genius to pull it off. Presumably he'll persuade the screws that he's actually in prison on a covert op or something and be over the wall by Christmas.

    As for the woman living on a park bench living off of a slice of Mars Bar a day... the mind boggles.

  2. He must have been either very good or his victims were missing something in there lives and wanted to believe his tales, i was a bit surprised to see that one of the female victims was a psychologist though.

    But i suppose the mind boggles.
  3. Is'nt this like the one about the bloke Oop North on some shitty council estate who said he was an undercover cop?

    It was on telly, ages ago. Classic. He meets some Doris and says he's on a long term deep cover 'job' an the estate and she must'nt tell anyone. Just bring him food, ale and shag him senseless 'too maintain his cover'. Oh, and give him money. All the time.

    He bobs back to the nick every week to 'get debriefed' (which takes seconds) and she had to drive him. All goes on for ages (2 years?) till he gets beaten up by some lads. She rushes round to said nick, demanding they 'get him out, now!' and is met with blank stares. Not on the list.....oh but he is on bail!!!! For deception and burglary and driving disqualified.

    Even when he is confronted (bail sheet, photos etc) he wont have it. Quality....to the bitter end. Its a template for life, really
  4. Surely someone this good at deception has to be recruited from the prison by the real MI5 and put to use for Queen and Country....put skills to work instead of having to guard and feed the bugger for years to come..BTW who has the movie/book rights to the guy's life and is Clive Owen available for the role?
  5. I wonder what he made her do for a big mac :twisted:

    Silvery tongued bugger. That bloke must shag for NATO, although not any more. He'll be getting raped off Mister Big who's in with the warders.
  6. http://www.policeoracle.com/?page=http://www.policeoracle.com/news/detail.h2f?id=8249

  7. I'm not sure Walting is an appropriate term for the sh1t he managed to pull. Personally, I'd call it twisted genius. I'm something of a Social Darwinist (Spams, be sure to do a Google search on Darwin sometime) and quite frankly, the bint who willingly slept on a park bench and survived on 1/2 a mars bar a day had it coming. If they can't figure out that someone is pulling their p1sser, that's their problem.

    Of course, a long-held ambition of mine is to start a religious cult just to see what kinds of silly sh1t I can get away with. Might be quite lucrative too, L. Ron Hubbard did ok with Scientology and that Benedict XVI bloke seems to have a nice pad.
  8. Did he not promise his victims their "donations" back many fold in the future? I think they were probably greedy b@stards who were after a quick buck and/or did not have the sense to see through the lies of this bloke. Does anyone else think 2 life sentences was a bit harsh?
  9. I agree. The bloke wants locking-up in Broadmoor or Rampton
  10. No, I do however think a lot of other sentencing is too lenient, so in comparison this may appear harsh. Granted his victims may have been partly lured into helping him with the promise of future riches, but he preyed upon weak people & for once it would appear that our judiciary is doing its job by punishing a man who took advantage to the extreme of other people’s vulnerabilities. He has probably ruined their lives financially and they’ll no doubt have all sorts of trust and relationship issues. Messing with people’s mental health is as bad as physically attacking them. He’ll probably be out on parole in 3 years, anyway… :roll: