Uber Wah or not?

This interesting little diversion for a Friday afternoon caught my attention and the more I read, the more unlikely it becomes. It's just outrageous enough though to be real and has been picked up by a few newspapers and web sites. Why anyone would spend 23 tears trying to find a scary basilisk creature in the jungle is beyond me but Mike Warner apparently has and reckons he's found one of the bloody things.

Read about here http://www.lisburntoday.co.uk/news/LISBURN-MEN-FIND-GIANT-SNAKE.5335325.jp

here http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2009/06/photo-leviathan-yacumama-anaconda-found.html

and here http://theseoultimes.com/ST/?url=/ST/db/read.php?idx=8475&PHPSESSID=2df63346ce65f57f710897ad479c3ce1

Now, the cryptozooligist geeks who haven't been at the whisky had this to say about it, http://forteanzoology.blogspot.com/2009/06/great-snake-or-no-great-shakes.html

and then this, once they really got into their stride, puffing their chests out with righteous indignation http://forteanzoology.blogspot.com/2009/06/peruvian-giant-snake-pictures-released.html

The really interesting personality in the story though is Colonel Percy Fawcett who was either another great eccentric explorer or a complete bumbling fool. Read about him here http://www.unmuseum.org/fawcett.htm

Anyway, have the father and son perpetrated a first class wah or are they heroes of natural history? Perhaps the father & son are actually a couple of bored students in Watford. Over to the Wah Meisters.
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