Uber turds and taking it up the hoop

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fish-head, May 9, 2006.

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  1. I was just taking a dump, a rather hefty log in fact, when the thought struck me that so many burds are unhappy about taking it up the chocolate starfish yet they too must produce logs of similar girth. Let's look at this scientifically:

    1. Is the turd smaller than a cock? Obviously that depends on a) the knob and b) the turd, but at some point every woman must have done a drain blocker like everyone else.

    2. Do they get all tense when the subject of dumping is suggested? No of course not.

    3. Do they decide that curling one out is too painful. That would be silly, otherwise there would be a lot of women with exploding colons.

    Guys I am sure there are many other reasons that you can document.

    Ladies, justify yourself!!!
  2. Shit travels south!
  3. That's a weak excuse, it would only make it marginally less comfortable
  4. Not if she's dumping while you're bum humpin! :?

  5. Never tried so I wouldnt know. Apart from the odd bog otter that needed persuasion to leave.
  6. I should point out that all the relevant experience Fish-head has gained has NOT been with partners of the opposite sex. Lets just say that Faslane and RM Condor know him VERY well indeed. :wink:
  7. A friend told me his girlfriend reported it as being "just like having a big sh*t!"...

    However, a girl I know came to a different conclusion based on the same evidence: that men like cr@pping so much 'cause they secretly long for c@ck!
  8. I'm sorry Fish-head, but with that form of reasoning it's only a matter of time before the missus gives you an unpleasant surprise with the strap-on.
  9. What do you mean only a matter of time? :lol:
  10. query : unpleasant?
  11. womens hoops are built for it..........thats why god gave us Ron Jeremy & John Holmes.

  12. Yes...and i just covered my monitor and keyborad with coffee...PRICELESS

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. I must say that Rocco Siffredi addresses all of these issues in is informative documentary 'Rocco Ravishes Prague'.
    It is a tour de force, with Rocco not only leaving the ladies' back doors absolutely hanging off their hinges, he also eats out said rickers with the enthusiasm of a hungry terrier licking your toes clean.
  14. it is an exit, not an entrance??

    it is a funnel, not a tunnel???

    Either of those any better??
  15. I recently reviewed "Rocco's greatest butt f ucks vol. 4

    on the cover it made the following promise

    "3 hours of premier corn holing action"

    it didnt lie.

    Theres 2 types of girl in the world.

    ones who love it up the arse, and victims of domestic violence.... you choose.