uber-gucci or just waltbait?


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Looks very similar to the Issue Prismatic. I used to buy them for the MoD, many years ago, and they were expensive then. £235 doesn't sound that much for something that would outlast you and your children's military career!
although unless you really need that level of accuracy silva £25 a throw
though you can get a gps for half that
Prismatic compasses are more of a surveying tool, than a navigation aid. If all you're doing is tramping accross hills with a map, then a half decent Silva is probably all you'll ever need. However, if you're schnurgling through the undergrowth with a dagger between your teeth, fixing the position of enemy minefields (or just like to imagine you are), then this is the thing for you.

No wonder somebody went pale when he couldn't find his prismatic compass .Nice to have but the majority of people don't need one .


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Thanks snowy - any particular reason for the price difference? (seeing as the most expensive Silva is what? £50?)
Super. I'll take two. Bit pricey although it is "Survival Aids" under a different name.
I bought one surplus for a tenner, about 12 years ago cos it had a bubble in it, which affects the accuracy. However for £25 I got it sorted and given a full service and recondition at W F stanley & Co, New Cross, London SE1 (Gone out of business now though) £35.00 for a prismatic compass. Not bad even in 1993. The compass still works perfectly but the tritium has faded.

No way I would pay £350 quid for one though. I've seen the new current one and its made of ABS plastic now, and not solid brass like mine!
brighton hippy said:
although unless you really need that level of accuracy silva £25 a throw
though you can get a gps for half that
Yup and the average rupert can get just as lost with either :lol: ..........

............... even more so when the batteries go flat on yer supa-duper gps 8O

thought it were strange, but one soggy night on that fine piece of German Landscape known as Senny, midway thru the month long regt ex, the nights task, a in depth minefield sort of ran right across a bog ...

A fine place to put a bit of quick route denial you think, as you dig out the barmine layer yet again from the depths... :roll: must remember to congrat the OC on his excelent top ho choice for an-in depth mine field :evil: think troopy will bring him round in the morning to look at our fine work and hand out boilies to all as a reward for the loss of humor... :lol:

Morning comes, troopy - wide awake, shaking off doss bag feathers meets and greets the big boss man .... look sir.... look sir ..... look sir .... look what 'I've' done nice big mine field, just like you said...

Where says he? looking at the NOT boggy ground....... over here sir says troopy .... over here, in a sort of slightly subdubed voice, wrong place says the man..... should be over there he says pointing.....

But I planned it like you said, with compass and map whimpers troopy.... I stood on top of the 432 to do the bearings cos you can see better 8O and ...............'c*nt' ... 30 plus degrees out!! all 3 boggy K's of it :evil:

Never .... ever give the Rupert the real map and compass!!!! a pretend one, even a practise one .... but NOT the real one!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
oonce had a rupert try to persuade us the ideal place for a platoon hide was a cliff :(
even when we reached the location to be greeted by nearly vertical bit of land with few trees and brambles and lots of rock.
his suggestion was we could attach dossbags to trees with bungees :twisted:

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