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UAVs, Reaper etc


Book Reviewer
The different components of this technology have been around for a very long time; we had a radio-controlled target battleship (HMS Centurion) and radio-controlled AA targets ('Queen Bee') before WW2 ; automated Threat Evaluation went to sea in HMS Eagle in 1963; he USN had the DASH drone anti-submarine helicopter at sea in the 60s; the US was working on automating the fighter cockpit in the 80s; airliners have had automated landing systems for years and years; Tomahawk showed its teeth in GW1; and so on. It seems to be GPS, satcoms and increasing computer miniaturisation which have produced the latest levels of technology convergence. The next generation of US aircraft carriers will carry UAVs and presumably they will be retrofitted into the current ones.

Now it's beginning to get really interesting.

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