UAVs need drivers.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by inbredyokel666, Aug 5, 2008.

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    I liked the part where it says the MoD has been slow to appreciate UAV's potential.

    I was involved in trials for Watchkeeper in mid-2001, and they had been going for at least a year then.
    How the hell can this still be two years off???
  2. Simple. Bad news is good news.
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. I was involved in bidding for Watchkeeper from 1997. Does nobody remember Phoenix (kindly??) or CB289? I think it isn't a lack of appreciation, it is a lack of funding and commitment from the holders of the purse-strings. Somebody should shove 2nd PUS in theatre for six months.
  5. I know someone who filmed some stuff for DERA before they split into QinetiQ and the other thing. They were shooting an internal piece about a UAV project apparently. Not sure of the name but I understand it was unofficially codenamed 'Buggeroff'

    This was due to the fact that after launch the boffins would send a section of hapless Royal Signals blokes on a fruitless search of Salisbury Plain to retrieve it.
    Quite a few of these things buggered off, apparently.

    In fact I too later filmed something at the RAE on a large UAV that was supposed to follow QinetiQ's ill-fated space balloon project.

    It was called project Zephyr (not classified -I hope) and I expect it died when the Matelot caught the gasbag on the ships rigging and killed the balloon and the project off. (which probably saved the life of the 2 pilots frankly)
  6. 2nd PUS isn't the problem - he's a STAB and spent time serving full time and constantly reminds his people that our top priority is to support the front line. The problem is the lack of funds overall from HMT and by implication Cyclops which short of a coup, isn't anything he or others can really influence.
  7. Why do we keep coming back to the same old solution?? :D
  8. I can fly model planes - I'll do it

  9. Crikey! That's the badger. I'm glad something came of the time and effort they put into it.

    It was a bloody feeble looking thing and the camera system they had built for the balloon project would have frozen and expired beyond 30,000' ASL

    QinetiQ - if you're monitoring this: put the insulated HDR in the fuselage, turn on auto switcher and wire up 2 x protected camera heads into the wing tips.
  10. I didn't mean just this particular 2nd PUS, I meant all future holders of this post...

  11. Snigger :D us chaps at XXXXXXXX dont use an hdr, an uplink is lighter in weight , no waiting either :wink:


    other flying machines are available.........
  12. I can do this - work from home type job - watching tv with a cuppa and UAV on the computer. :)
  13. I assume you're one of those hovercam types?
    What about drop-out? : 132,000' ASL is a long way up for your 2.4ghz tranny! Better to wait than to find it's all fuzzy? :wink:
  14. hovercam ( arrrgh ! ) and 2.4ghz* !! Oh no, that's John logie bairds dept :D

    though I will admit 132,000' is a little high for us

    *only needs someone with a leaky microwave next door to doom the mission :wink: :wink:


    edited to add , at 132k would it not be a downlink as presumed sig direction is earthbound ? unless of course... oh look the door to pedants corner is open :D :D :D