Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Wasp_Eater, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. I realize that UAV's have always been the territory of the RA and I'm not questioning the success of the role in the past, but, as the equipment becomes evermore manpower intensive and more complicated does anyone feel that this role is a drain on manpower and that it should be farmed off to the squawks or even, god forbid, the crabs?
  2. Without breaking opsec, the next gen of UAV's will posses capabilities that will mean they will more than likely be used by 'other' units.
  3. Strange comment to make about manpower, are you saying other capbadges have numbers laying around roleless ??

    Yeah I may be a little biased here but UAV is perfectly suited for the Royal Regiment as opposed to other Corps, so far we have dedicated an entire regiment to to cause plus have enabled neigh on another as well. As for numbers, many RA roles have limited scope in the current theatre of operations, would you have it stood around with difficult to deploy equipment and no real role at home being called REMFs whilst others were double hatted and complaining to the Sun about under manning.

    Plus don't forget that there is often attachments from other capbadges, Int Corps for example, that work on areas they are best suited for

    As for complexitiy, obviously you haven't used a UAV system before, nor used many other Artillery systems
  4. You obviously have a reason behind this comment, are you one of the REME light blue mafia worried about having more tours?

    Edited for fat fingers!
  5. What I originally asked the question for is because I've heard a lot of chuntering from the manned airbourne side of things and was interested in the operators opinion.

    Tours don't worry me that's why I joined up, and surely every question/ comment has a reason?
  6. You are quite right Wellyhead I have not used any Artillery system before and I appreciate the complexities of the systems and the skill required to operate them, I have nothing but respect for other cap badge and trade groups (with the possible exception of certain RLC trades :), my question was intended to guage reaction to the possibility of RRA losing UAV's to another cap badge or service, would this possibilty be considered a loss of a valuable capability or would it been seen as freeing up more manpower to allow greater harmonization.

    Seeing as this is a touchy subject let me add that none of my comments are intended to offend
  7. Useful to note that Gunners have been operating UAVs since 1961, no one else was interested until quite recently. That said I'd agree that there may be some mileage in handheld UAVs being operated by inf and armour, as is happening in one or two other armies. Anything bigger makes Gunner sense because there is a command and control structure in place from coy/sqn level upwards and the bigger birds cover a bigger area for longer which means they need to be tasked and controlled to make the best use of these and other capabilties. What's more the Gunners are the primary active users of UAV product in real time, which is why they were adopted almost 50 years ago.
  8. I think Petardier has hit the nail on the head. The question here is at what level command and control should be vested in order to ensure the appropriate level of UAV (or other STA) support. e.g. Mini UAVs could conceivably be held at Coy/Sqn level, longer range "tactical" UAVs should be operated by the Gunners and the longest range UAVs, i.e. those able to provide operational and, particularly, strategic support, could be operated by our light blue colleagues. Simply put the range/endurance of the STA system should match the range/reach of the strike system - Binos/SUSAT and Rifle, TOGS and 120mm tank gun, TUAV and Artillery, etc...
  9. Soon there will be a requirement for the up and coming future UAV to be piloted by a Qualified Military Pilot. Look out AAC!
  10. Are you referring to Reaper or all UAVs? Bit of a waste to have a trained pilot flying Micro and minis.

  11. True, but it may save the paintwork on ATC towers. :roll:

    The direction the UAV business is going and will be going in the future, it certainly needs a big rethink to firstly get the most out of the vehicles and secondly, to ensure they are operated in a manner almost as safely as the piloted craft. Its a legacy you chaps operating them but with the advent of the kit now and in the future, it needs to have properly qualified aviation types operating and controlling them. Whether thats still you chaps or AAC it matters not. The trouble is, tradition seems to be playing a part on who does what and how they do it. Airspace in theatre is a very, very busy place and everyone who operates within it, should have a deep understanding of how it all works and, IMHO, an apptitude akin to aircrew.
  12. How about a return to Gunner Pilots :D

  13. A cynical person would say the reason to retain UAV is more likely a loss of senior Officer opportunities, the smaller the Corps, the less senior officers.

    The loss of up to 2 UAV Regts to another Corps (alright Royal Regiment) would mean yet another dilution to the size of the RA.

    As flash has said, regardless of who has control of UAV, the operators require full knowledge of airspace and everything else that is going on up there.
  14. But surely by that definition the current set up is correct, Predator is staffed (in Nevada) by our blue skinned colleagues and the smallest UAV we use cannot be considered handheld, small I grant you, but large enough to require operation by a dedicated det and log route. The question is though, would a Coy or Sqn Commander want to dedicate a section of his unit to operate MUAV if it was thrust upon them, surely it is best left to others (namely RA) and let his lads get on with the pointy stuff

    If some of these micro UAVs turn up in our army then I agree, perhaps it is best suited to be a local STA asset, but anything larger needs both the support mentioned and the results need greater dissemination that the local commander.
  15. But you are already commanded by AAC by DAAvn at Middle Wallop, he has the overall command of UAV's.