UAV Regiment move afoot???

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by commsbloke, Feb 13, 2004.

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  1. Can any one shed some light onto rumour hears the other day and several times since of a move by the UAV regiment to a larger barracks. Thorney island and Haverfant west(deepest S Wales) were the 2 camps mentioned in conversation. It is due to the Forthcoming arrival of Watchkeeper and the need for a runway. Also the accommodation of the 4th battery. Can any one tell me what house prices are like in these two areas?????
  2. Surely you mean Haverfordwest, all one word and if driving at 30 mph you can pass through the place before you can pronounce it!!

    Nice place if you like the outdoors and walking your dog but a little off the beaten track. Theres a crackin pub at a place called Angle , The ship inn, that seems like the end of the world.
    Not sure on the house prices though most likely overpriced like the rest of the country!
  3. would that be wher 14 sig regt are moving out of to go to Kirton last rumour i'd heard
  4. Would I be correct in surmising that the place to whch you refer is the former RAF Brawdy (formerly RNAS Brawdy).

    From what I can remember of the place, the coastal winds made things tricky enough in a Hawk and Jet Provost. I was there during the 'Great Storm' of 87! Bloody hell it was carnage! How would your UAVs cope in such conditions? I would have thought that you'd be better off locating them at a more sheltered Army base with a runway.

    I also spent many a happy time in the Ship Inn. Nevertheless, Brawdy is still one of the lesser mourned stns that we've given to you guys! Is that god forsaken RN designed Officers' Mess/Wardroom still there?

  5. What happened to Chivenor?
  6. RM base with some helos flying out of it, IIRC. And much-mourned by users of the light blue means ('Ahhh. Chivenor. Finest base in the Air Force...' ).
  7. don't know have never been there but 14 sig don't like it to much.
  8. I can assure you that for the foreseeable future 14 Signal Regiment EW will be staying at Brawdy. Although the MOD is looking at giving back the land to the farmers on which the airfield stands on. (According to local press and the Regt 2 Ice Cream)

    Also as the one of the reply's to your post says.....the weather is crap all year round. Hottest day in Britain beautiful sunshine not a cloud in sight.....Brawdy FOG FOG FOG. Anyway I like my 4 day week in Brawdy..........anything to keep the suicide rate down.

    So it won't be the best place for an Artillery Regiment! Well maybe 16 Regiment Artillery (AD) Which don't do a lot anyway. I am sure the MOD would luv to hide this regiment in the sticks.
  9. I am currently serving with said UAV Regt!!!!!

    Hopefully they will be moving to south wales or thorney, as it will take a little time to organise and by this time next year (Jan) I will be living the high life in sunny spain, so good luck on the (Imagined) move.

    In all honesty though, there have been several studies carried out due to the requirements of watchkeeper etc. but no difinitive answers yet (almost as if the people running the show give as straight an answer as your average politician!!!!!) 8)
  10. Interesting, I now when I revelled in the delights of Robrerts Bks there was talk of Catterick, but of course they did go and left the Phoenix boys behind.

    Thing is Marne Bks actually has airfield,I know I ran round it enough, but then again I'm unsure if you can fly this new system over non training area.

    I wonder what the 22 boys will make of this, unless I am mistaken don't they hold some kind of record for being in the smae camp for x amount of years ? Something like they went into Horne Bks in the 30's and didn't move till 93 when they crossed the road into Roberts, all of a couple of hundred feet ??
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but you're expecting a runway launched air vehicle for Watchkeeper. Thus a runway is your first requirement. However, you then need to be able to transit to a training area to actually use the thing. This means that you need direct access to an aerial range via controlled airspace (military or range), as there is no chance whatsoever that you'll be allowed to fly in UK airspace right out of the box.

    The range itself needs to be as large as possible and preferably have a pedigree for operating similar vehicles - I fear that Phoenix experience is largely irrelevant given the huge leap in performance expected.

    Thus you're looking at using Aberporth range and a quick scan of a range map should tell you the likely candidates. So better brush up on your Welsh then.
  12. I'm only guessing that it need a corridor or military eairspace, I was involed on the Pheonix debacle and I know that one of the pre requisites was that it mustn't need a runway for exactly that reason
  13. Deleted by Me
  14. What about the former Yank airfields in East Anglia?
  15. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Before we start looking for a garage, lets get the car. Until it is absolutely certain of what ISTAR assets the Arty are getting to replace phoenix lets not get ahead of ourselves.