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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by hoof, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. Im in process of joining army at present, and im interested in the career of uav pilot in royal artillery. Iv read all info i can find on job, but would like any info from people doing the job if possible. Get to know what its like form their expeirences.
    Also im 31 with couple of kids, any one else joined up in this position before. thaks for any replys.
  2. I'm going into traininf on the 7th of September, for Royal Artillery Radar Operator, and from what I was told in 5 Royal Artiellry, Which is the radars, target aq, etc. You will do a little bit of everything, so radars, uav, comms etc.

    Also you might get better luck posting this under the "Gunners" part of the forum for people actuall serving as a UAV controller.
  3. Im sure its UAV controller as the U stands for Unmaned hence no pilot ( i do stand to be corrected though :s)
  4. Someone still needs to control it, they use the camera on the UAV to look for IEDs and such. The extent of my knowledge is the advert on TV :oops:
  5. I believe that with the advances in size and technology, the larger UAV will be flown by Qualified pilots, maybe AAC are taking it on?
  6. Do you mean pilots going inside the actual UAV because that would defeat the purpose of a UAV?
    Or do you mean the pilots would go into a simulator-type thing and the simulator would control the UAV, so it'd be like being in the UAV but they're not. I've heard of the second one.
  7. Hmmmm :?
  8. UAV's have built on guidence control systems, but they all still need a human pilot, particually ones that carry weapons. However the technology to produce fully autonomous UAV's, with the ability to make battlefield calculations on their own is rapidly advancing. In the next 10 there could be developments like these.

  9. You mean an operator. :roll:
  10. Look what you've done, BlackRose'. You've only gone and woken the Flash' :roll:
  11. Yeah, the guy with the control stick at the game station back at base. :D
  12. I've a suspicion that the aviation authorities would like someone with a bit more than 1000 hours Microsoft FlightSim in the loop somewhere.

  13. Genius 8)
  14. With that level of insight into matters military, I see a real future as SoS For Defence for this man.