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Hi all,

I'm new to ARRSE although I've known about it.

I'm due out in 2010 after my 22 and looking at working overseas, in the UAE hopefully. Information through the CTW etc is limited.

Is there anyone out there that can help with my initial enquiries ie companies employing, contracts available, POCs and web sites etc? Basically anything and everything.

Any input will be greatly received.

Thanks in advance.
I've been in the UAE a few times in the past couple of years, and still have a few of the business cards of some of the 'local' (I say local, but many were subsidiaries of UK companies) firms we employed. It would be helpful if you could give us a clue as to what your skills are, as most of these companies are specialists.
I live and work in the UAE - what line of work are you looking for and in what capacity? Otherwise I could be way off the mark with any info I give you.
My uncle works other there, what are you looking at doing?
All the construction work seems to done by cheap laboured asians.

Apologies mate for jumping in on your post mate, but I am also looking to work overseas / UAE etc.

I’m after something in the IT / Comms industry, if any of you lads have any info please give us a heads-up.


#7 is one of the better websites I've seen specifically targetting Gulf opportunities. Beware; there are some which you will come across when searching which are merely traps for the gullible/naiive/unwary. The ME is a magnet for people around the world looking to make a quick buck, and many of them are just marks for the scam artists. Don't pay anyone anything for information or to be put on any sort of list. These organisations are not going to get you what you want.
As Whiskeybreath said, ' is one of the better websites'

I agree. My nephew has just found a job using this site. Security work in Jeddah, Saudi.

Hi all,

Had a slight mare with PC but all is good now so I apologise for not replying sooner.

Thank you all for your replies and I'm happy for this thread to help all that are in the same boat as me.

Those that asked about my quals etc; HNC Mech Engineering with, IT, SHEF, Financial & EO experience amongst others. At present I'll be attending the NEBOSH Cse next year with scope to do other things once I've seen any career / job requirements from the input / websites within all your replies.

Please continue with all help and advice and I appreciate all your input so far.


hi mate i currently work for a private security company in the dubai, the company does cp but also large projects with things such as access control and biometrics etc. I know they are currently loooking for someone in the health and safety area. E-mail me at and i'll give you some details.

Sorry I'm a bit behind the curve with this but I might be able to add something.

I've lived in the ME since 2000 (KSA, Qatar, UAE). My mate runs a small headhunter's which may be more effective than the large CV clearing houses.

I also have a few mates in the security biz, if that's what you're looking for.

Drop your CV to Chris Carruthers ( His family are Gurkha officers, so he understands the upside of what we do/did.

See how you get on. No promises, just covering all your bases.


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