UAE exporting guns to China? Shurely some mishtake?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HectortheInspector, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. And following on from the Russian ship that isn't full of hardware, (honest) we now have a C130 from those militarists in the UAE flying weapons to the peace loving peoples of China.

    What next? Ireland exporting weapons to Libya?
  2. It sounds like the muslims in northern China might be taking their protesting to another level
  3. or the Chinkies reverse engineering the latest kit and selling it off as their own? :wink:
  4. Their latest bid...


    They need another 2000 aircraft in the next 20 years-thats a lot of lost dosh to Boeing or Airbus .
  5. Doubt it, Hanyang's in Hubei province - the population's almost entirely Han except for a smattering of migrant workers. To get to any area with a majority Muslim population you'd have to pass though not far off 1000 miles towards Gansu or Qinghai and cross at least 2 provincial boundaries. That's a hell of a risk to take if you're transporting something dodgy.

    Not sure what this is about.
  6. Spotter. :)


  7. Good god, from what I have experienced of Chinese built goods I am pretty certain I will not be getting on a Chinese built airliner :eek:
    Poor build quality is one thing on a moped or a telly but.........

  8. That's quite a wingspan :? What the hell is it?
  9. Not sure - China has built a couple of A320's quite recently. Indistinguishable from european built models - a little bit worrying despite the reasurance of Airbus.
    China has also stated that it wishes to enter into the large airliner market - mainly in order to cash in on domestic demand.
    The wingspan could be due to the wide angle lens being used - notice how the fuselage bends away from you.
  10. Well, an increasing number of western companies are realising that the quality is there if you know where to look. LINK. They're also increasingly developing stuff off their own backs, instead of making stuff to western design or ripping it off. LINK.

    The days when the west was the only high-tech game in town are long over.
  11. Let's hope (well those flying on it) that it is a wide-angle lense and not just "build quality". :)