UAE Crawl

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by TBGB, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. It has come to my attention that there are a number of Arrsers living in the good old UAE.

    Surely it is about time that we got leathered in good old Dubai style. I'm thinking more Regent Plaza and York rather than than Mina A'Salaam.

    This is very much a fledgling idea and requires a bit more work. Of course we could always do a Waxy's/Double decker brunch.

    Yours Aye


    Strike Sure
  2. Are you going to invite arrsers and partners?

    That would be interesting.... :D

    The Admiral Hotel has got a very good bar. Cough... :oops:
  3. Indeed a few scoops in Jools or Yorks bar would be a good idea for those of us with partners...

    errr... not...
  4. Apparantly some of the birds in the York will let your partners join in for no extra dosh.

    As I said "Fledgling" idea so if you have any better ideas more suitable for partners lets have 'em. Or you could leave them at home get shittered, come back and swamp the bed.

    Or perhaps a two part mini series with the first round being a disgraceful Bur Dubai crawl. Followed by a civilised round two suitable for all the family?
  5. no way in the world Id take my doris into Yorks... not with them mucky skiprats in there.. I, however, have endeavoured to "investigate" thier ethnic origins on many occasions to find out thier origins...
  6. When I found a bunch of them from Sudan/Ethipopia way i promptly demanded some money from them. I was outraged that I had given up a set of lego and my starwars troop carrier for a car boot sale in order to buy her fnucking village a water pump. The cheek, we didn't do Blue Peter charity appeals so she could sell her stinky minge in a Bur Dubai fleapit. Outraged I tell you. :x
  7. Great idea. Although not "posted" to Dubai, I find myself on numerous week long "attachments." Underground, Burasti bar and a taxi ride to Rattlesnake would be my suggestion for starters.
  8. Panorama and then onto Yorks sounds like a plan

    Count me in

    I'm sure the missus would approve of me visiting such multi cultural establishments, all in the name of uniting nations of course
  9. so did this ever happen?

    I am in Abu Dhabi an fancy a few slurps ohne frau of course :)
  10. Is the Ally Pally still there? Stayed there for two months. What a hole.

    The bar was just unusable for drinking. Wall to wall Chinese whores.
  11. Oh god yes thats still there LOL

    There are plenty of beter places to drink these days LOL
  12. Come on then, Ramadan is halfway through. We should arrange some sort of celebratory drinking/standing around in a group whilst not talking to chicks type event followed by swamping our pits.

    Firstly a definative list of who is in Dubai on which dates.

    Yours Aye

  13. Anyone fancy an Abu Dhabi crawl?
  14. Gents,

    The RBL Dubai & Northern Emirates is having a Poppy Appeal Dinner/Dance on the 7th November at the Habtoor Grand.

    Tables of 10 are being sold for 5,000 dhms.

    If you are interested please email

    Many Thanks,

  15. Abu Dhabi "meeting" count me in