U75 posters latest nastiness.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Oddbod, Jun 7, 2005.

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  1. U75 are scum. no ifs or buts. just w'anchors.
  2. Lo there oddbod
  3. You can always look at the list of places the owner of U75scum has worked for ( http://www.urban75.net/folio/index.html ) and send a polite email to any of them expressing your dismay that they use someone who allows terrorists to gloat about murdered policemen and the deaths of HM forces an example of the latest is "One less c*nt to worry about.................f*** him......." Some of the places will acknowledge your mail, which is nice.

    U75 IRA walt spotters will reconise that quote as from "cemetryone" a repressed homosexual of little self worth and no use to society, a founder member of ISRA (Irish Sh*tstabbers Republican Army)

  4. This cnut's worse than that dildoboy pr1ck.


  5. which thread is it in??
  6. Maybe Bob the Lost could ask the dirty little IRA homosexual for his name, address and custodial details on my behalf. As the disgusting ars*licking PIRA boy is offering it to anyone who PM's him on U75. I can't be arsed to register again for the moment.
  7. Thank you I look foorward to reading all this shat

  8. Jesus! How the fcuk does that ernest cnut manage to reach the conclusion that kasheem is a racist nazi fascist from just that?

    Sorry about the long post by the way. Just wanted to show you what those soapdogding w'anchors are like.... as if you didn't already know.
  9. ernest is a mad welsh stalinist thinks the english should all go back to germany or something
  10. No pink or yellow either you over literal tw@t.... :roll:
  11. If he's running on that basis I'm even more interested in knowing where he thinks the blue people are!
  12. I'm not here to defend the shite some people post on u75. I just wanted to say that the majority of people there (like myself) do not support the IRA or Islamic terrorists or whichever armed marxist revolutionary group is in fashion at the moment. Yes the forum is mainly liberal/left but there are in fact people from all points of the spectrum, left to right, who post there (although just like this site racism and other hate speech is not tolerated). There are also police personnel, ex-service people (maybe even serving? although noone has actually said as much) and so forth - as well as wanna-be 'wadicals', attention-seekers and people who like to pose as "hard men".

    I can't speak on behalf of the "Editor" (the guy who runs the site) as to where he decides to draw the line as to what is allowed and what is not, in terms of people praising the IRA or the Iraqi "resistance" etc. but I know for a fact that he doesn't himself think along these lines.

    I didn't hear about this site on u75: I came across it by accident after Googling "urban75" and I have just read through a few of the threads on here relating to it. I figured I'd like to try and set the record straight and I am not here to have a fight.
  13. You ***** are so dim.
    <shakes head sadly>
    Ern's just having a laugh ffs.
    There's no hope for you *****.
    Haven't you got things to do on your own forum without running around the ether looking for something to greet about like sweetie wives