U75 Dildoboy and his inbreds

Dildoboy is the one on the right..bet they've all got webbed feet and 6 fingers.


'The latest boy band fresh out of Leeds turns up on Mel B's doorstep to ask for career advice'
Filthy untermensch, they need dipping headfirst in a tank of caustic soda.
What sort of walts are they? Manchester Indy Band circa 1991 re-enactors?
More like banjo playing re-enactors..
Armourer, I hope you did more than photograph them from the first floor.

Next time, don't be so selfish. If you are going to organise a bundle, the very least you could do is invite us to play too.

Three u75ers against one Arrser doesn't sound very fair.

You should have given them the chance to call for reinforcements.
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