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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, May 31, 2012.

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  1. This week the Coalitions Chancellor Osborne has made 3 U Turns,Pasties,Charity and Static Caravans.So what is going to be the next U Turn? and which one would you like to see.....
  2. He's announced no U-turns. It's just very clever press work that makes people think he has.

    The next one will not be a U-turn either.
  3. And to claw back the money, he's put up landfill tax by a huge hike. No discussions or consultation whatsoever. Ring up a skip firm and ask what a skip costs now.
  4. Apart from the Labour mongs who really gave a toss about a couple of pence on a bloody pasty. There are too many fat bastards around anyway. This is what Cameron should have had the balls to say instead of trotting out his Top 10 pasty moments. Static caravans look shit and VAT should be at least the same as everything else, if they need subsidising let Jeremy Kyle pick up the tab. The charity tax needed binning and he's binned it. The landfill hike will have repercussions for the already beleaguered building industry and I don't imagine that it will last long either.
  5. Pity I agree with him about the charities cap - why should rich people be able to completely evade their income tax obligations by giving money to charities instead? That is not philanthropy.

    Private Eye have explained how this system is easily exploited - some rather wealthy members of their Lordship's house "donating" their tax liability to "charities" that purchase very expensive pieces of art, and then "lease" them back to the original "donor" for a pittance.

    Of course regular people who have to pay tax at source cannot engage in these frivolities as any donations have to be written off against the subsequent year's tax liability! So if you earn £25k a year and want to donate your tax liability you have to pay for it up front in addition to your taxation then claim it back from HMRC afterward.

    Rich people who submit their own tax returns do not have this problem, of course.

    It's a ****ing disgrace, as Bernard Manning might say.
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  6. Stand by for a massive increase in fly tipping.
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