U Turns - Are they catching?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. As has been said too often, doesn't matter the colour of the pig as long as the snout's in the trough eh?

    Good move. :roll:
  2. Though the title thread related to driving. If it was then yes as it beats having to go out of your wqay and saves petrol.
  3. Hmmmm. This would be more of a U-turn followed by a handbrake turn, then.

    JK MP originally said that she would NOT stand down - and that she would go and talk to her parishioners.

    Allegedly she lasted 4 doorstops before she gave up (apparently walking away in tears) and stated that she had realised that she should stand down.

    And those were the doorsteps of her family alone.

    So she never wanted to give back any money or accept she is in the wrong.

    Funnily, wasn't the Tory strategy a few years back to "acknowledge our (parties) mistakes, apologise, and say how we have changed".

    Not a bit of it.
  4. A politician doing a U turn never going to happen
  5. My understanding was they if they lose their seats rather than standing down then they qualify for 'parachute' payments or something - whatever it was I recall they got more money if they hung on for grim death and lost... bastards.

    *though i might be wrong...
  6. Her and her odious spouse wre the ones that had each of their two homes declared as second homes by one or the other. Result was that both mortgages got paid by the state. Her brother even got to live in the Worcester one rent free.

    Ms Kirkbride was on Central News last night desperately trying to buff her image up by supporting a 92 year old whose care home is shutting down.

    Strange really cos were her lot in power she'd have been the first one to back up the strong economic case behind the closure (old place, few residents, new place not far away with better facilities....)