U.S.& UK should convert to Islam

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. No merits what so ever

  2. Yes it would help keep my drinking under control

  3. Yes ugly birds would be kept out of sight

  4. No you would be rightly damned to Hell as a Heretic

  5. Yes The War On Terror could be rebranded as sectarian strife

  6. No I would miss bacon too much

  7. Yes women would be stopped from driving

  8. No have you seen what they regard as fashion

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  9. No I would forget what women look like and start eyeing up boys

  10. Yes I like kissing carpets

  1. A new videotape has surfaced featuring Osama bin Laden's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and an American member of al Qaeda wanted by the FBI, according to a counterterrorism expert.

    The tape, called "Invitation to Islam," runs 48 minutes, expert Laura Mansfield said. Al-Zawahiri speaks for about 4 minutes on the tape, and the American narrates the rest.

    Gadahn says that even Americans working with President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair are invited to embrace Islam, but they should hurry.

    "We invite all Americans and believers to Islam, whatever their role and status in Bush and Blair's world order," Gadahn says. "Decide today, because today could be your last day."

    Mansfield, who is a writer and corporate adviser on the Middle East, Islam and terrorism, said the time reference could indicate an attack is near. Muslims believe that non-believers should be given a chance to convert before they are attacked, Mansfield said.

    "This may well be a warning," she said.

  2. My message to Al Queda is "fcuk you, ya fcuking fcuktards"

    I'll even shout it from in-between a church and a mosque.

    Racial and Religious equality is a value I hold dear. They aren't even attempting to mask their hatred and ignorance.
  3. C_J,

    Please demonstrate at least one ounce of maturity when responding to an issue of this nature. Better yet - please wait until your balls have dropped.

  4. Eh? Maturity? Like us grown men surfing the net and hanging out in a virtual NAAFI at all hours of the day? When we should be doing real stuff like painting walls or moving furniture or even talking to girls 8O ?

    Are you alright Lancslad? Humidity getting to you?
  5. You're totally correct a_j - "maturity" was perhaps the wrong word to use in this context. I should have remembered the original post was the opinion of a 17yo boy...

    Ah well - time to nip down to the club for a G&T... Anything to avoid the humidity :D

  6. I'm 42 years-old and I can see nothing particularly immature in CJ's response, so why try to play the big man and patronise him just because he's 17, the lucky sod? What would constitute a mature response to this "offer", anyway?
  7. Whilst a mass change from Christianity to Islam in Great Britain is just japati in the sky we could use aspects of Sharia law to control the sh!te that walk our streets though.

    Stealing - Hands off;

    Rape - B0ll0cks off;

    Paedophiles - Hang the bastards from a crane.

    Disrespect to OAPs and queue jumping at Bus Stops: Legs broken first offence - lopped off for second.

    If someone really does want to get stoned with drugs let them get stoned the alternative way - hole in the ground, heads poking out and a good supply of hardcore nearby.

    This would sort the problems out overnight, no doubt [and bloody good fun to boot].

    You could even turn this into a public spectacle and have a local round-up and lop off before a footy match or other sporting occasion by aggrieved parties. Think of the trade for DiY shops in Axes, Saws and suchlike - B&Q could run a 'Sharia DiY section' with some elderly Muslim shaber in charge and giving advice on best styles and cuts!

    Imagine the headlines in Sporting Life:

    "More stumps at the Millenium Stadium today than at Lords throughout its history."

    or, the Adverts on the Underground:

    Stoning of Druggies at Hyde Park tonight, rubble sponsored by local demolition companies, night sights for hire from the management of this not to be missed event.

    In the US TripWire could make and supply shaped charges:

    'Limbs/Gonads Blowing Off for the use of............'

    If there was a last minute apppeal he could go and do his EOD bit and make them safe ..........

    "Sorry Son, I'm going to take a raincheck on this one - it's about to blow."

    "That's alright TripWire, you meant well. I Love you man......"

    "Oh sh!t it's not gone off.........!"
  8. We should knock up a vid to send to Al Jazeerah, calling on all muslims to convert to Christianity (I would have suggested Judaism but they dont have Christmas or bacon butties).
  9. Crabby uses this rather nifty signature by Anne Coulter which I have always liked, admitedly she can be a wee bit too shrill at time like most women, however -

    "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. "
  10. Hmmm Islam,

    No bacon, no porn and no beer.

    Let me think.....:roll:
  11. armchair_jihad,

    Arent we almost there already? we have already invaded their countries, killed/arrested their leaders and are trying to convert them to democracies.....

    I think drain_sniffers idea of a video is superb, what about getting Cliff Richard to head it up....now that would be amusing. Although looking at his lifestyle or peoples judgements of his lifestyle he is already half way to being Islamic.

    What the Al Queda members are saying is the same rhetoric offered to Cristians during the crusades....hundreds of years later and with all this media spin about they cant even come up with something new?!!
  12. Aloysious,

    There is nothing big about me whatsoever & if you don't believe me ask mrs. lancslad :D

    My precise objection was the language used by C_J i.e (& I quote)

    My message to Al Queda is "fcuk you, ya fcuking fcuktards"

    I'll even shout it from in-between a church and a mosque.

    Racial and Religious equality is a value I hold dear. They aren't even attempting to mask their hatred and ignorance.

    If someone holds such values in racial & religious equality then doing as C_J states is a wonderful way of demonstrating it...

    Personally I don't believe the way to resolve our differences with Islamic Fundamentalists is by behaving in the same manner to them as they do to us. There has to be a better answer other than unilateral genocide.

  13. I find it laughable that these nutters feel that they are in a position to make all the threats. I reckon Bush should tell them to get in their bunkers.
  14. Why bother converting to Islam. We have the downsides, beer, bacon etc, but if we do convert will it stop any attacks. Just look at the harmony in Iraq with the Sunni's and Shi'ite's all getting along nicely.

    And yes I am aware that there is more to it than that.

    B011ocks to them.