U.S. to Shift 60% of Warships to Asia-Pacific

Here we go again....at least you will probably be able to get a good Chinese takeout. Also, hotter (and humid) climes?

I guess the RN and the rest of the EU has to step up within Western Europe.

Panetta: New US focus on Asia Pacific is no threat to China; nations must work together - The Washington Post

BBC News - Leon Panetta: US to deploy 60% of navy fleet to Pacific
Just how big is the thrreat at the moment ?

The Chinese don't even have a blue water navy yet.
Yes, which is why the USN was willing to invest so much time and effort to get us back in the proper carrier game. The US will be leaving the med with its cariiers and heading east and we're 'it'.
With what?

Cameron decided that the French would help us out, he obviously thought Sarkozy was in the job for life.

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