U.S. Still Not Sure Where Al Qaeda Gets Its Funds


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government still has not determined where al Qaeda gets its funds or how much money it is raising, the vice chairman of the federal panel that probed the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, said on Monday.
Lee Hamilton, vice chairman of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks on the United States, told a congressional hearing that al Qaeda's funding had been sharply reduced but precise figures and the sources of these funds were not known.

"Since the Sept. 11 attacks and the defeat of the Taliban, al Qaeda's budget has decreased significantly," he told the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee.

"Although the trend line is clear, the U.S. government still has not determined with any precision how much al Qaeda raises or from whom, or how it spends its money."

Oooooooo I know ! I know !


Hope that helps :roll:
Well as they say Tech3 , they just don't know.

Which is kind of worrying after all this time fighting T.W.A.T
Saudi Arabia, surely?
I was under, the obviously mistaken impression, that UBL had access to the family pot of cash, and that the rest of the AQ network was funded by the oil indusdy.

it pays not to assume I suppose
I was under the impression a lot of it came from the opium harvest in Afghanistan
Washington is probably funding Al-Quaeda. Did they cut\stop funding to the Taleban after the Russians left. Has any one checked. :?
as the Saudis amont to 6% of the US economy and its a known fact that the Saudis have financed AQ, its probably the US that are funding them in the long run. :D
Proberbly from darkly coloured gentlemen hanging around Irish bars in the States saying things like 'Money for the holy cause effendi', then walking away with a bucketful of dollers provided by gullable yanks.
Or some such.
No, no, they shut down NORAID, remember? Honest guv :roll:

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