U.S Stabs Australia In The Back....

Discussion in 'US' started by filthyphil, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. Thanks for sending us Oprah you pack of bastards, I thought we were allies.
  2. After Paul Hogan, Mel Gibson, that little puff who likes rugby players and playing oily gladiators and of course the one tit wonder, Kylie, (nice arse though), you had it coming.

    Can we, the Brits that is, please have Billy Connolly back? You can keep his missus!
  3. Come on, Mel Gibson is American. His old man brought the family over to Australia so Mel wouldn't have to go to Vietnam. He was so traumatised by it all he hasn't stopped making films about war ever since. And if the Big Yin didn't have his missus, who would make money out of his old man bumming him?
  4. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Typical Arrsers, wading into an argument that has no bearing on them!

    It's between the bloody moaning cobbers and the bleeding sceptics... let's just sit back and watch.
  5. Steve Hogan wasn't that bad, better than a lot of Hollywood products anyway. As for Kylie, yes I would, just as long as she doesn't talk.

    As for Oprah, how did she find Oz? I thought most Americans were geographically challenged.
  6. Who's Steve Hogan? Is he a mixture between Paul Hogan and Steve Irwin? Crocodile Dundee Hunter?

  7. Since it was my great great great grandmother's loaf of bread that was stolen and got the filthy cobber scum deported in the first place and because all my life savings were invested in ramshackle sheds to house penniless Americans, I feel that I have a stake in this...
  8. That's not all he got, but a slice off a cut loaf's never missed.
  9. **** that they can keep the unfunny bearded twat, I'll have a pop on Pam though
  10. Mel Gibson would have been 12 in 1968 so he wasnt going to have to worry about Vietnam. It was his older brother who might.
  11. I do not pay much (well to be honest any) attention to the goings on about Ms. Winfrey so I was unaware of the virtual crime against humanity. While I do not usually acknowledge the INternational Court of Justice due to its relation to the UN, given the horror of this vile act, I would make an exception.

  12. thank fuck someone said it. Had this out with the arbyette last night, she seems to think that its acceptable to spend three fucking million tax dollars on the fat cow. And, fucking AND close the bridge for 2 hours so we could have some flaming giant O on the side.
  13. Wait, Australia had to pay to bring Orca there?
  14. Treated like a visiting head of state, I shit you not.
  15. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    Humanity? Australia? A dodgy mix of criminals, screws, kangaroos and sheep.